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The Lowry family is in transition - they've recently moved from the city to a small town, and they're having a hard time adjusting. Just when their spirits need lifting, they find themselves 'adopted' by a stray golden retriever named Pilot. It turns out that Pilot is not only very clever and very lovable, she's also very pregnant! Raising Pilot's puppies brings great joy to the Lowrys, until they have to give them up for adoption. But, Pilot won't see her family split apart and is determined to retrieve her pups. Eventually, the Lowrys take Pilot's lead and embark on a comical adventure to reclaim the puppies; a noble quest which in turn reminds the Lowrys that family always comes first.
  • Sound By: Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Released By: Gaiam International

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  • RETRIEVERS Blu-ray