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Car Talk

Ray Magliozzi, Tom Magliozzi - Compact Disc

  • 1. Lloyd's of Lubbock
  • 2. Some Hood Ornament!
  • 3. Old Moses Blew Beets
  • 4. Black Widow Interior
  • 5. Sure, We Know All About Electric Brakes!
  • 6. Andy Letter
  • 7. Dog Heaven
  • 8. Sidney's Lunch Is Missing
  • 9. Whe Did the Chicken Cross the Garage?
  • 10. Holy Hubcap, Robin!
  • 11. Richard, His Goats... and Doris
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You Save: $2.26 (15%)
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Car Talk by Ray Magliozzi

The guys share some of their favorite calls about the world where cars and animals meet. Luckily, it's not dog-eat-dog, but sometimes it's horse-eat-steering-wheel.

Tom and Ray Magliozzi are America's foremost auto mechanics. So usually people phone in to their radio show with questions about cars--buying them, driving them, keeping them running. But every so often, out of the blue, Click and Clack are also called on to be amateur veterinary psychologists. They're asked to figure out why a horse has eaten a steering wheel, or why a 100-pound dog insists on riding on the roof of a pickup truck, or how a white rat the size of a two-liter Coke bottle got into a poor young woman's Chevy. And while they might not know the answer, they always come up with something.

This is a collection of calls about cars, animals, and the mysterious, often hilarious times when they meet. It leads Tom and Ray down a familiar path--of wild speculation, occasional brilliant suggestions, and lots of laughs. This is a must-have for anyone who loves animals, particularly the two that host Car Talk.
  • Label: High Bridge Audio
  • Genre: SpokenWord
  • Style: Comedy, Morning Radio, Observational Humor
Ray Magliozzi, Tom Magliozzi - Compact Disc

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  • Car Talk Ray Magliozzi
Car Talk Ray Magliozzi