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PAL/Region 0. Until recently, when The Wrestler took the world by storm, Bafly was considered Mickey Rourke's most passionate and gritty performance.This dark tale of drunkenness, violence and self loathing refects his brooding persona perfectly. Add to this the fact that his character is a phenomenally talented but self destructive artist and you'd swear the role had written for him. Barlfy is the fictionalised autobiography by cult writer and underground hero, Charles Bukowski and is an unflinching portrayal of life one step up from the gutter. Rourke's performance as a self hating, mean spirited anti-hero is darl and brutal but retains a kind of selfish, desperate beauty, especially in respect to the doomed relationship that develops between him and a fellow lost a soul. Film nerds a Bukowski buffs are very excited that this long deleted and much sought after classic is coming available again. Finally, Mickey Rourke's legion old fans can reminded and his new fans can discover what the world seems to have forgotten, that he was always this good.
  • Sound By: Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Released By: MGM Australia

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  • BARFLY (1987) (IMPORT) DVD