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End of the World
  • Artist: 10 Sugar Charlie
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101259200
  • Item #: CDBY125920
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1/9/2007
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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End of the World on CD

Hidden deep in the golden plains of Kansas lies a rock & roll machine unlike anything the world has ever seen. 10 Sugar Charlie was assembled in the fall of 2001 for one single purpose; to conquer the rock & roll world! Captained by the charming and effervescent Rachel Prochaska and armed with beauty, brawn, and brains, 10 Sugar Charlie is poised to launch a massive world wide attack. Their weapons of choice: juicy melodic hooks, ballistic guitars, an explosive rhythm section, and lots and lots of sex appeal? Their plan of attack: fire round after round of punk fueled, pop styled, rock radio hits. Their objective: rock & roll world domination! Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, 10 Sugar Charlie's debut album entitled End of the World is a culmination of five years of hard work for the band. XSC, as their fans have affectionately tagged them, initially began as a songwriting collaboration between Rachel Prochaska and Benjamin Mattson. "We knew we didn't want to be a country band and we knew we were not going to be a metal band," said Mattson. "At the time we didn't necessarily have a direction we wanted 10 Sugar Charlie to take, but the end results are definitely the perfect combination of all our talents and influences." Drummer Matt Jansen joined the band in October of 2001 and 10 Sugar Charlie was officially born. The next few years, however, were an awkward time for the band as they couldn not find consistent help on bass and rhythm guitar to fill out the lineup. "It was so hard to develop any sort of consistency or chemistry as a band when the lineup would change every three to four months," said Prochaska. XSC eventually found the consistency they were searching for when bassist Eron Rawson joined the band in the fall of 2005. Soon after Rawson's arrival the group stumbled upon guitarist Matt Bollenbach in the spring of 2006. It was a match made in heaven according to Mattson. "We knew we had the perfect guys for the job when both Eron and Matt showed up for their auditions and had every single 10 Sugar Charlie song memorized. They blew us away! They were here to audition and yet they were offering up suggestions on new harmonies, guitar lines, and chord progressions as if they were already in the band. They had us at hello... they had us at hello." After more than two years of searching, 10 Sugar Charlie had finally secured the perfect lineup. After getting Rawson and Bollenbach acclimated XSC quickly made up for lost time. 10 Sugar Charlie has recently shared the stage with fantastic national and regional acts like Bif Naked, Bowling for Soup, Sherwood, Slick Shoes, The Fold, Rushmore Academy, Badfish, Wetnurse, The Vincent Black Shadow, Britt Black, The Primetime Heroes, The JV All-Stars, The Effects, Dead Letter Diaries, Quietdrive, and The Delegates to name a few. "We've never played a show we didn't like." said Mattson. "We've played alongside screamy metal bands, whiny emo bands, and acoustic pop bands yet always seem to fit right in." "We love playing those shows!" Prochaska continued. We make so many new friends and fans at those shows! We want our music to be accessible. I'd like to think that 10 Sugar Charlie's music has the power to reach fans across all genres." It appears 10 Sugar Charlie's music is beginning to do just that. "10 Sugar Charlie has delivered a batch of powerful pop and punk-inflected tunes that won't sound out of place on FM radio" - City Paper, Wichita, KS (11/9/06) "Thee words to describe 10 Sugar Charlie: upbeat, bouncy, and fun! This band puts on an amazing show!" - The Sunflower, Wichita State University (11/13/06) 10 Sugar Charlie's debut album, End of the World, is a collection of catchy pop and punk influenced rock songs written by Prochaska and Mattson and produced by the band in their own Wichita, KS studio. The group's powerful energy, fresh creativity, and playful personality come through loud and clear on a wide variety of tunes from the disco-ish title track "End of the World" to the pop-punk singed refrains of "My Only Someone". And while you're at it don't forget to check out the unique cover of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up", or the doo-wopified power ballad "I Hate Your Guts". With beauty, brawn, brains, and a new album to boot, 10 Sugar Charlie is indeed poised to take over the world. It is only a matter of time before XSC's blistering live show and growing legion of fans make them players on a national stage. Where will you be when the End of the World comes?