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Street Credibility
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Street Credibility on CD

Defined - Certified - genuine, authentic, having earned certification. Re-defined - 100%Certified - Three rappers from Houston's 3rd ward with one goal to bring the 3rd Ward sound to the world. Comprised of Marvin "Big Marv" Jackson, Jeremy "Rizzle" Anjula, and Shamariay "Ya" Griffin, just released their album STEET CREDIBILITY with the single "Supaman Fly" gaining much attention in the south. Each artist has been performing and making music since they were young. Whether at block parties, local business establishments, or on the front porch of their home, 100% Certified comes together and brings their authentic originality to their performances. 100% Certified is genuine in their approach and commitment to success within the world of rap and hip-hop. Big Marv, can easily be established as the heart of the group. Having been through the struggle of being shot twice before the age of 25. The last time leaving him with permanent paralysis in his right eye, his determination and strength to succeed can be summed up with his own words "All it was . . . was a major setback for a major comeback". And comeback he will. Rizzle, has that charm that will disarm anyone, but put on a beat and true to his word he will "eat you alive". He knows what it is like to have a hard life, and is able to keep a level head by reminding himself "someone has it worse". Knowing that it takes paper to make paper Rizzle is enrolled at Sam Houston State University. "I believe knowledge is power, and I plan on taking all I can." Take 100% real and add 100% raw the combination in some hands may be lethal, but with Ya, it is the equation that created the man you see before you today. A New Orleans native, Ya now resides in Houston's 3rd Ward and brings with him his passion for rap as an art, "Music is my passion, something I love to do". Ask him when he fell in love with hip hop and the answer will contain the phrase "since I saw a TuPac video in the 90s". And just like TuPac he has the ability to find the meaning behind the meaning of words and create verses that will stick in your cerebellum.