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POWER DAGWON, the second generation main hero mech of "Brave Command Dagwon", is coming to METAMOR-FORCE!

Designed to prioritize the aesthetic proportions of the forms Power Dagwon and Super Fire Dagwon, this figure has a unique style of transformation, using fully transformable torso and legs combined with a swap-out gimmick for the shoulder and arms to create all the forms.

The package also includes a Dag Fire (Non-transformable ver.) figure, which though small in size, has 8 articulated joints and can be displayed in the folded arms pose with the use of an accessory.

Power Shovel Arm has a wide range of articulation, and can be retrofitted with Drill and Claw. The "Infinity Cannon (Non-transformable)" is a massive 270mm long cannon that can be attached to Power Dagwon's shoulder, while waist armor and joints for the Fire Dagwon (Sold Separately) are also included! On top of this, "Power Dagwon" and Fire Dagwon (Sold Separately) can be combined through "Super Fire Fusion" to become "Super Fire Dagwon"!

Set Contents:

  • Fire Shovel
  • Dag Fire (non-deformed ver.)
  • Parts for Dag Fire arm assembly
  • Infinite cannon
  • Drill
  • Claw arm
  • Movable hand parts (left, right)
  • Fist (left, right)
  • Hand parts for Lion Sword (left, right)
  • Dedicated base
  • Auxiliary pedestal

Display it using the "Triangle Christmas Beam" finishing move!

  • Figure stands approximately 200mm tall (including horns)