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Tune in
  • Artist: 7th Sign Music
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479101014
  • Item #: SRD910101
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 3/16/2004
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $14.68

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Tune in on CD

Modern day society smacks head on with conscious Hip Hop as evident in 'Tune In', the 9 song offering from Compton based '7th Sign music'. The Sleeping giant that is the West coast, takes brave chances with bold, uncompromising, spiritual views, as well as meaningful worldly banter. Track #2 'Lord Save Us' and Track #9 'Divine Forces Radio'(a radio drop) puts God at the forefront as their Commander and Chief in a brutal war for the souls of man and the world itself. 'Baba Zoom' and 'Hyjac' deliver their messages not unlike Malcom or Martin, the great speakers of our day. 'Roe','Papo', and 'Phoenix' come off as vivid, intense, and very bright in their sheer command of the Hip Hop language as Track #3 'Tune In', Track #4 'Ole Skool 03' and Track #5 'Believe it or not' atest. Social and ghetto realness is also a big part of 7th Sign music, as evident on Track #7 ' The Adventures of...' with 'Burger Time Bomb' and Track #6 'Can you smell?' with 'Low Down' the 'Jedi Knight'. Track #8 'The Minds R not enthused' is as straight forward as it's title, with a pounding track and lyrics from 'Burger' and 'Baba Zoom' that envoke vibes of 'P.E.' and 'B.D.P.'. The world has changed, and Hip Hop is a vast battle field with '7th Sign music' holdin' down their castle and capturing flags like a game of 'unreal championships'!!!!! Written by: Carlos Brown a.k.a. Bigg LoCC 7th Sign Music has 3 albums in the $5 gallery on cdbaby...5 simple steps HOME $5 DOLLAR SPECIAL SALE HIPHOP/RAP 4.choose the genre UNDERGROUND 5.find the three 7TH SIGN MUSIC albums click BUY AND GET 3 CDeez FOR $5 DOLLARS A PIECE (YOU HAVE TO BUY AT LEAST THREE CDeeZ TO GET UM FOR $5 DOLLARS A PIECE.)