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  • Artist: 80 Proof
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479260049
  • Item #: SRD926004
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 2/21/2006
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
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Movement on CD

L. Day A.K.A. 80 Proof began this movement when he moved away from his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. The mission is to create a family in hip hop that consists of real niggaz from real backgrounds to make some real music! Thanks for hitting me up, here at the beginning of a whole new movement in rap/hip-hop. Have you heard something on the radio and thought 'how in the hell?' Well, I do too! That's why this movement began. I started this for all those with real talent who come from real experiences can get together and put that good talent to use.My plan is have a fully functioning production company within 5 years. Besides the music we also offer a wide selection of graphic design and logo design services. You can email me ( for complete details on these services. But look out for the mixtapes dropping soon! Special thanks to DJ B-LO for lookin out and connecting wit a nigga on the mixtape movement! I really appreciate this shit fam! I can't express to you how much this means to me starting over and all... Hey Schemes! Get at me fam! Shit is movin right now. Oh yeah, a special shout out to my whole family on PARK HILL A.K.A. Killa Hill! (808) my niggas on the block and the lost soldiers... Ron Ash..The Beast, Lou Ash, Young Chucky A.K.A. C-Dizz, Young Pope, My nigga Ran, RIP Shelton, my Buzzin (Gone but never forgotten), Lil Manny, from down on Mill Street (RIP), My nigga AG, L. Moss, hold ya head baby! Lil Steele, RIP Todd 1, RIP Peanut (taught a niggle the hustle) G-Rap, NELCO! (What up fam) Bear (been a minute huh bruh?) DVO ( what up Dre?) Nelldog (need a website fam!) Mickey Mike (The Llama, BLAM!) IZ, Moose, My nigga Bro! (Awol ass nigga, holla at me) Of course my sisters...Melly Mel and AA ( I love you girls) The whole Day family, the Williams, the Browns, and Andrews Uncle Bob, Lil buzzin Chris (fresh outta lock-up) Lisa (crazy ass Gemini) Nicky Young (tight twat) Var, K-Reno (wish u was here fam) RIP Tim Raines, Ant Germ, Lil buzzin Rell, Angel, Dawnita, That nigga Drex (RIP) Syreeta, Brandi, The Whole East Side 'El Barrio' I could go on for days...(Pittsburgh I love you!, Ya'll made me a soldier) My nephews and nieces: Darius, James, Osada, Jordanea (The next generation of stars) My sons: Darian, Kameron (thank you Tina, he's a blessing) Mi familia in Puerto Rico: Lourdes, Jackie (in New Jerz now) Good luck mami, Lilly (Congrats on the wedding, whenever it goes down) DJ Tito, Joey, Flaco, Paco, Tita, Hi my baby Nathalie and Yamil!!!!! I love you all! Be back soon! I promise! My South Cack fam: Leon, Mike, Cash, Yoladanette, Silke, Queeta, Dave (keep smokin papi) B-art, Big Sam, My Philly fam: Ju-Ju an Petey, Maggie (PR for life mami) Amber, J, Boogie, Lil Snoop, My Houston Peolpes: J, Sam (teachin me about that 'lean') And the whole ward ( you know who ya'll are, getting me fried off that dip for the first time) Mom's and pops. (Ma, I'm not done yet. I'm gettin rich before I die or go to jail, I promise!!!!!!) 8block.