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  • The Magic Flute , Gert Banhner

    • Artist:
    • Starring: Horst Gebhardt, Magdalena Falewicz
    • Label: View Video
    • Release Date: 3/16/2010
    • Features: DVD
    • Written by Mozart shortly before his death at the age of 35, is often considered to be his finest opera. The opera is what the Germans call a "Singspiel" (a song play), which is a play with a great... more
    List Price: $17.98
    Price: $9.53
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  • Tango: Spectacular Performance , Tango

    • Artist:
    • Starring: Tango, Oscar Araiz
    • Label: View Video
    • Release Date: 3/18/2003
    • Features: DVD
    • The 28 dancers of the Geneva Grand Theatre Ballet create a special full-length show to the vibrant rhythms of the Tango. Over 20 scene selections, instant access to Tango styles, terms, origins,... more
    List Price: $14.98
    Price: $9.41
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  • Classical Images: A Concert in Nature , Mozart

    • Artist:
    • Starring: Mozart
    • Label: Kultur Video
    • Release Date: 5/27/2008
    • Features: DVD
    • Listen to this cavalcade of great music as you watch a scenic panorama unfold before your eyes, and relax as you absorb the spectacular union of music and images. Enjoy selections from the masters of... more
    Price: $9.49