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  • Artist: A-Kube
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 700261222745
  • Item #: SRD122274
  • Genre: Soul/R & B
  • Release Date: 9/4/2007
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Ausura Akhi Amen was born in Mobile, Al. He has lived life soulfully, trying to maintain some balance in life... He began singing like many African Americans, in his local church. ' I've sang at the one and only Central, Headquartered, Church of the All Living, Fellowship, Macedonia, Salvation, Greater, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Baptist, AME, CME, Zion Church. I sang at'em all. Like a lot of singers back in the day, if you where not singing in the church, the street lights and the church was their showcase. But after many years at making a so-call living and almost losing his life, he began a journey in music to help heal those traumas. He started on a trek of becoming a singer and songwriter on April 2002. Now that the World has gotten smaller Ausura says "Now is my time, it didn't happen before or sooner because it wasn't time." Because of the music taste of his much older siblings A-kube's influences included the classic soul singers like Jackie Wilson, Sam Cook, and Otis Redding. And growing up he remembers how he gravitated towards singers like Marvin Gaye, Gil Scott Heron, and Curtis Mayfield. And now that he is about to shine, we have a chance to here what A-Kube thinks the alignments, of the stars, psychic predictions, wars, secrecy, lies, famine, strife, hatred, and love are really all about. The music of A-Kube is truly world music. Unkidifide His music flavor may include a vocal drawl, that some may relate to as soulful and mellow. With that southern afro-drawl and his expressions he gives R&B somewhat of a different twang. He breaks down and does something soulful like Otis Redding used to do. And just when you think you got this dude figured out, he comes to you like the Nigerian Fela Kuti., Fela who?....... Good luck world here come A-Kube.