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Abel/ Rawls/ Hayes : Flash on a Film
  • Artist: Abel, Rawls & Hayes
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 642820002828
  • Item #: SRD000282
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/13/2005
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Abel/ Rawls/ Hayes : Flash on a Film on CD

This first ARH release showcases the songwriting versatility for which the trio has become known. From beautiful, acoustic songs (true to their live performances) to full band rockers, the CD contains 14 songs plus an enhancedCD session featuring an in-studio music video of 'My Apologies'. The title track, 'Flash On A Film', features Phill Ehart of Kansas on drums, Will Turpin and Joel Kosche of Collective Soul on bass and guitar. Matt Melton of Honestly and Tommy Strain complete the lineup in the multi-layered guitar tracks. Appearing on other tracks throughout the CD are David Buice on drums, Calvin Kelley on percussion, guest vocalists Donny Henderson and Jane Abel, Bill Turpin on dobro and Tommy Strain on guitar. PRESS 'This Atlanta-based trio of Ward Abel, Steve Rawls and Sloan Hayes has just completed their third indie CD, and it's a winner! Over the course of fourteen songs, the tightly-constructed pop tunes they're known for seem to be on the verge of sonically bursting at the seams. Each tune is filled with all manner of production and arrangement flourishes (some subtle, some not so subtle) that betray what must have been a painstaking and arduous recording process. The heart of the band continues to be their meticulous songcraft... but with Flash On A Film, they seem to be flexing their rock muscles a bit more than usual. If you appreciate mature, sincere, guitar-based pop that isn't aimed at teenagers, you can't help but be impressed with what ARH has accomplished completely on their own.' - ConnectSavannah - Jim Reed BIO The duo of Ward Abel and Steve Rawls goes back to their teen years, playing in the Jacob Rye Band, a prog rock group located in Atlanta, GA, routinely churning out 20 minute tunes full of majesty, while at times bordering on early punk. Afterwards, Abel had stints with Preface (releasing two singles in the UK) and Max Able (as modern-rock 'Max' with Sky Records), while Rawls toiled in equally satisfying obscurity in the Atlanta basement scene. Sloan Hayes had provided keyboard artistry for Starbuck (of 'Moonlight Feels Right' fame), Brother Bait (who had their own prog happenings) and Reel People, both on Atlanta and national stages. All three joined up after Abel and Rawls reunited and had recorded two indie CDs, to which Hayes had contributed. During pre-production for this release, Flash On A Film, they decided to form the trio of Abel, Rawls & Hayes. The songwriting has gelled into what some have called 'poetic, enigmatic' and 'meticulous songcraft'. Indeed the songwriting is the epicenter of what ARH's music projects: clear-eyed moments of life, love and our world, delivered by artists who have been there and lived it, and now tell us about it.