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She Dreams
  • Artist: Abi Lester
  • UPC: 822371131417
  • Item #: 148218X
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 3/1/2011
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She Dreams on CD

This delicate diva belts out each powerful lyric with a contagious energy spreading through audiences like a wildfire burning out of control. The pure, inspirational voice she highlights on each track provides a firm foundation for her contemporary "halo-country." "So much hard work, prayer and thought went into the making of the album," says Abi. "I wanted to find songs with strong messages of hope, love and life. My producer, Bill Deaton, certainly delivered with this album." This Virginia based mother of one has a personality that connects with crowds like Shania while blending the inspirational appeal of Amy Grant. Finding music for She Dreams, turned into a family group session for Abi. "For those of us that lack the ability to write successful songs, it becomes particularly important to choose songs that not only sound great, but also tell stories that I can connect with. My husband, mom and grandmother would sit around and listen to tracks. When a song moved all three of us, that's when we knew for sure we had found a song for the album." Family and faith are two of the most important aspects of her life. Abi is the youngest of three, who started performing on stages as early as three years old in pageants. Six years ago, this natural beauty had to trade in her crowns and pompoms for Legos and Hot Wheels cars when her son Clayton joined the Lester family tree. "I am such a proud Mom! I spend every moment I have with my son and the most supportive husband a woman could ask for. I think I see some musical talent in Clayton and I hope he will pursue it." Abi and her husband Darrell wed while she was still finishing her marketing degree. She was unable to take off a week from classes; consequently, Darrell and Abi have never had an opportunity to take a honeymoon. Taking stages throughout the east coast, fans may have caught Abi "Green Bean" Lester, a nickname referring to a fusion of her maiden name and her grandmother's famous green beans, opening up for Travis Tritt, Charlie Daniels, Lorrie Morgan or Tracy Lawrence. While her roots were planted in the vocal stylings of artists like Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire, her influences spread beyond the country market to the iconic Celine Dion. "Dolly and Reba have an incredible ability to tell a story. We all remember Fancy and Coat of Many Colors, but when it comes to vocalists, few can rival the incredible talents of Celine. I always wanted to develop her unprecedented power and control." Abi's debut project is no cookie- cutter album. She tackles her faith in Letter from God and Voice of Hope, relationships in Without a Word and I Don't Wanna Win, and the loss of an infant in Baby Jane. "Baby Jane may never be a single, but it's a story that had to be told. I truly think that some songs just find artists. My husband's friends lost their child just a few days before the due date. I would never wish that on anyone. That's a pain that I could never even begin to understand." While her motherly instincts indicate a bold strength, Abi has also seen her own share of hardship and personal pain which enables her to both relate and inspire her audiences. She lost her oldest sister to a heart attack in December of 2006. "That was the hardest thing I ever had to face. Sissy always brought me flowers whenever I sang. I recall thinking at her funeral, 'There goes my rose.'" Abi has blossomed, gaining momentum on the music scene since her first trip to Nashville as a teenager. A decade later, this mother, daughter, wife and entertainer has a sound that is uniquely her own. "I couldn't find a better title than She Dreams because this is my dream. Things have come full circle as I have finally completed a journey I started back in 2000."