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Someday Soon
  • Artist: Adam Lifshey
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 885767731387
  • Item #: 155804X
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 9/4/2001
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $7.96

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Someday Soon on CD

Dear friends, Hi! Thanks very much for coming by. I'm a folk singer from southern New Jersey who wrote these tunes while based out of Berkeley, California, where the redwood trees are really not all that far from the Jersey shore. My second album, 'Where the quetzal flies,' is now available too just by clicking on the link on this page. I remain very happy with 'Someday Soon,' my debut album, and I hope you enjoy listening to it here. 'Someday Soon' has played on Radio Milo 103.1 FM in Belgium, so I would like to thank particularly any fans over in Europe. Below is my original description of the album... peace, Adam ...I just came back from a four-country tour of Scandinavia, where I busked in the streets with my guitar and harmonica. From Stockholm and Oslo to Copenhagen and Helsinki, I played the songs on this album, Someday Soon. The tunes are about searching and wandering, about glimpsing a dream on the road and watching it shimmer away in the twilight. In making the album, I hoped to gather the bittersweet taste of the lands I've crossed and distill it into melody. The songs evoke longings for old friends who have gone their own ways, for an America that too has slipped away around the bend. And yet, most of all, the songs hope for a time when, someday soon, the road will prove but a circle, that somehow, some way, we all might come together again. Thank you for listening to Someday Soon. Peace, Adam.