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Kill Me I Love Love EP
  • Artist: Adam Sloane
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101197601
  • Item #: SRD119760
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/11/2006
  • This product is a special order
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Kill Me I Love Love EP on CD

Adam Sloane Contact at 508.826.1050 or email: The Kill Me I Love Love EP A new seven song album from up and coming alternative rocker Adam Sloane. Adam Sloane has been playing original rock and roll in the Boston area for the past four years. His unique and soulful brand of piano rock fuses gripping chord progressions and melodic ideas with grooving rhythms and exciting improvisation. The Kill Me I Love Love EP is one frustrated young man's attempt to ask the unanswerable question: Why must we have such intense feelings like love and lust, or such all encompassing dreams of success when most times life greets these feelings with disappointment and aggravation. Recorded in the prestigious Q-Division studios (which has recently been used by artists such as Mission of Burma, Click 5, and Protokoll) in Somerville Ma, the album was produced and engineered by some of the best talent in the Boston area. On the post production end, Adam was fortunate enough to have had his project mixed and mastered by Richard Mendelson who's list of clients includes New Kids on the Block and Tiffany. In the first song "Victoria" Adam strains and bellows his high visceral melody to ask: "why can't I have you? Why shan't I feel worthy" thus using one unattainable woman as a metaphor to illustrate all of life's unachievable goals. The song uses a funky bass groove with sparse Rhodes piano hits, a Radio Head influenced chorus hook, and a building instrumental section that ends in a Slash style screaming guitar solo to get his point across. After exploring a possible solution for Victoria's senseless rejection in the Coldplay meets Meatloaf pop piano ballad masterpiece "Don't Listen to Me", the album reaches it's mid-point and apex of inner turmoil. With "It's a Wonder Why" Adam wonder's why everyone walking around seemingly functional when loneliness is the only reality. In this tune Adam uses his incomparable mind for lyrics with a Latin influenced groove and a catchy as all hell power punk hook to take the audience inside his world. Continuing with this vibe on the fan favorite "Other Plans" Adam uses harmonic and instrumental ideas in the vein of Pink Floyd and accuses a higher power saying: "The constant loneliness of a conscious man, breathing with his burden the best he can. And in his mind he thinks he'll find, that something good will come from this time. But I know that you've got other plans." Don't think this truthful look into the human mind and soul ends with a depressing and negative message! After he shows the audience that he realizes self-fulfillment can come from doing what you love (in this case the art of songwriting), with "Better", Adam closes the full band portion of the CD with a very David Bowie influenced classic sounding rock song "Regret" that contains an inspiring positive message which states: "Wake your self up! You'll come around. Only a fool would let their loneliness get them down." Finally the album concludes with the most primeval, intimate, and emotional performance "Our Impossible Place" which consists only of one hypnotic piano progression, and the desperate, full, and dynamic utterances of Adam's vivacious voice which tells of a utopia, a place of total understanding and contentment, that may seem impossible to reach now, but with patience and the help of those who care, it is only a matter of time until we all end up there together. For more information please visit: or

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