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N'goni Fola
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N'goni Fola on CD

The fifth release from Kanaga System Krush. A Fair Trade World Music label featuring Traditional and Contemporary West African musicians. We have been recording in Mali the last four years. Our label is dedicated to preserving Traditional music from Mali. We have raised the bar in field recording with professional multi track digital recordings, which are then mixed at one of the top recording studios in Northern California. At the same time, we are all over the modern music scene playing, studying,and recording. We feel this gives us a fresh more inside perspective for producing Traditonal and Contemporary music from some of Mali's most talented artists. Adama Couloubally was born in the Lafiabougou district of Bamako in 1974. He has been playing n'goni, or harp, for 18 years. His teacher is the famous donso n'goni player Sibiri Samake, about whom more can be read on his bio page. Adama began playing as a child prodigy of the donso n'goni, one of the only players in the tradition to master singing, dancing and playing simultaneously. More recently, he has come to be recognized as a virtuoso of the kamalen n'goni. After spending many years immersed in strict tradition, Adama began to experiment with modern sounds, as well as modifications of his instruments to increase their musical range. Combining musicianship with an amazingly raw and soulful voice, he composes many original songs, on a broad range of topics. He has performed throughout North Africa and Europe and has played with legends Ali Farka Toure, Mariam Sidibe, and, most recently, Salif Keta, with whom he is currently touring.