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Emotions in Orbit
  • Artist:
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 733792575721
  • Item #: CDBY257572
  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 3/15/2005
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Emotions in Orbit on CD

This Album is a production by the Trife life/ adamproduction team. They are a group based out of Dallas. This album is a set of specialized beats and sounds that are Teckno with a Hip Hop Feel. They are completely created with teckno and dance sounds but are painstakingly meant to be hip hop by style. The Trife life organization is starting up in Dallas with a goal of coming up with an original sound that involves teckno, dance, rock and hip hop. In an effort to derive their own formula, and style this album has become an experiment. It was done by Thug like characters who wanted to go outside of thier norm in order to exspand thier craft and bring something new to the table of rap. The goal is a teckno, dance sounds with hard core and even gangsta lyrics that are politcally correct. In order to find this new sound and establish themselves in the teckno community, the Trife Life crew desided to first do a teckno album. Later, a rock, and heavy metal album would follow. On every Album there would be at least 3 rap songs that would outline the artists real talent as it grows and progresses through the changes of music genras. All this would lead up to a Rap Album that would have a signature of it's own. Emotions in orbit is a part of a great journey and a challenge. Also, for these black men from the American south, it is the road less traveled and a learning experience. Enjoy the best of a begining.