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Working for Love
  • Artist: Adams & Company
  • UPC: 829982124043
  • Item #: 150304X
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 4/12/2011
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $21.43
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Working for Love on CD

Adams and Company is made up of several singers and musicians who wish to remain anonymous for privacy and career reasons. They love to sing and play but don't want the notoriety and the downside of fame of public life. While a lot of performers like the accolades of the public and the recognition that it brings them, others don't. They like to display their talents and have it appreciated by the public but don't like their lack of privacy when out in public. Many performers over the years have had to hire body guards and live in seclusion,( the price of fame,) while the members of Adams and Company just want their talents and songs to speak for them, let the songs stand or fall on it's own strength of production and content of message, as opposed to the glamour and charisma of the artist. Adams and Company is not looking for world wide fame and doing concert, which is required by major labels to sell their CDs. Adams and Company is not looking to get rich, we just want to touch people where they live and bring them pleasure through music and message. We would like to sell enough CDs to recover cost so we can do it again. Money is not our main objective. Profit is not a dirty word but can be if that is the only reason art is produced. Art for the sake of art is more honest than art for the sake of making money. Songs, especially in country and Gospel genres, should have a message that speaks to the listener and is understood by the listener. Music to make you dance doesn't really need lyrics, just a beat that reaches your feet.