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Call It What You Will
  • Artist: Addictive Behavior
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479100697
  • Item #: SRD910069
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2/1/2005
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Call It What You Will on CD

Chase McGillis, Curtiss Feltner, Jonny Welch, and Eric Starnes--four people that have become one to make Addictive Behavior, Manhattan Kansas' best power-pop/rock group. With crazy live antics and high pitched sing-a-longs they lure you in and rock you out. 'As always you guys (AB) bring the rock from the moment you start all the way to the bitter end. Always lots of energy on stage.' says a fan from a show. Playing with local greats such as Ultimate Fakebook, Ruskabank, and The Primetime Heroes has kept Addictive Behavior at a popular level in the music scene in Manhattan. AB first began in the garage of drummer Jonny Welch. It was just Curtiss, rhythm guitar and vocals, and Welch to begin with. Soon after, they added Eric Starnes to play lead guitar and sing. They then added Chase McGillis, who plays bass, does some singing and screams for fun. Some head banging, rock fists, long hair, back flips, and much practice later they have become what now is Addictive Behavior. Each member in AB has their own style. Chase will go crazy no matter where he's at, even in the smallest of places. Shirts optional. Curtiss plays the guitar with an insane composure and sings to boot. King Kong might play drums harder then Jonny, maybe. Eric can lay down a rockin' solo and sooth you with his voice in the same moment. When you put these forces together, you get pummeled by an amazing array of rock 'n' roll that keeps you craving more. AB is constantly writing new songs and has almost two and half hours of original music. The first AB c.d. entitled 'Call It What You Will' was released in late 2004 and will be available at AB's shows and through the internet. The band is currently writing songs for their next CD. AB has placed and won in many battles around the Manhattan area, such as OPUS at K-State, two consecutive first place wins at the MHS battle, TASK Battle in Topeka, and Rally Point in Ft. Riley. Rockin' out on school nights is something they have grown to do and love. And what happens next? We'll have to find out!