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Burden of Knowing
  • Artist: After One
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 656613222720
  • Item #: SRD322272
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/7/2001
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $12.55

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Burden of Knowing on CD review: BURDEN OF KNOWING 'I can't remember the last time I heard something this good. I could listen to this for hours... everything about the track just screams, sign me or i'll kick the living s%t out of you.' CARCASS 'Power-poppin' blues style that gets all psychedelic. Really like this cut, they just don't write-em enough like this any more. Well done arrangement.' NO SALE 'Has a very infectious beat to it. Very tastefully done... reminds me of early Cars or Bowie.. Well constructed and executed.' FISTFUL OF REVERB 'I'm hearing some awesome stuff. I'm hearing Dire Straits influence, Surftones, Los Lobos... Epic sounding and involving, this band has some serious talent... I have faith in this band. I wonder why they aren't more famous than they are... ' Downeast Record Review Newsletter: LITTLE SPANISH FLY WING 'This one is what real rock and roll is all about.Tight guitar, hard driving drum beat, solid bass line, with a splash of keyboard to give it that extra depth. This song is destined to be a classic, because the melody line is well versed and easy to follow. The band, 'After One' shows themselves to be talented musicians headed for the better and bigger things. Get this one for your CD collection, it's a must.'