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Stasis/ Price-Morant-Dimino
  • Artist: Afterstation
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479863639
  • Item #: SRD986363
  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 8/12/2008
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Stasis/ Price-Morant-Dimino on CD

As Little Jim learned that he had a terminal form of cancer, he began to think about the future. He thought about his youngest son\'s desire to have a career in music as a drummer. Playing the pedal-steel guitar himself, he fully understood how tough it could be, even for a drummer as talented as Scooter was, to establish a steady career as a musician in a small South Georgia town. Knowing that Scooter was determined to be a professional musician, Little Jim decided that he needed to help him with his dreams. Little Jim took his pedal-steel guitar to a local music shop and he traded it in for a keyboard. When he returned home with the keyboard, he told Scooter that he wanted him to learn how to play it, so that he could then begin to write his own music. Scooter told his dad that he would try, but it was not until after Little Jim had passed away in 1999 that Scooter had learned enough to begin to compose music. Skip ahead a couple of years and Scooter was still working on making a CD. Scooter had found a guitarist who transposed what he was playing on the keyboard to the guitar. Scooter loved the sound, so he made a demo CD of two of his songs. One night while Scooter was listening to the demo in his van, a woman approached him and asked him what was playing in his stereo. He explained that it was the demo of a CD that he was working on. She told him that although it wasn\'t the kind of music that would normally capture her attention, she thought it was beautiful. Scooter thanked her for her interest, handed her the demo and then drove away. A few nights later, Scooter\'s phone rang. The woman on the other end of the line began to tell him that she was the woman he gave the demo to in the parking lot. She told Scooter that she had a son with Autism. She went on to explain that her son was prone to uncontrollable temper-tantrums out of frustration, due to his inability to talk or communicate effectively. She said, \'I want you to know that your music put an end to a three-hour tantrum when nothing else could.\' If Scooter\'s determination ever wavered, it was renewed that night. Scooter then asked a long time friend and guitarist, Chris Morant, if he would be interested in working on the project with him. Chris, who had lost his own mother to cancer when he was only fifteen years old, accepted the invitation. It wasn\'t long before Chris was also writing music, which fit in beautifully with that of Scooter\'s. The pair then recruited a bass player, by the name of Giancarlo diMino, and together they completed their CD. WCTV Channel 6, an affiliate of CBS, quickly picked up the music from their first album, Stasis. The television station played the music in accompaniment with their Doppler Weather Radar. In addition to being played with the radar, WCTV also played Stasis, almost in it's entirety, on a nightly basis on the company\'s radio station for the next several years. The band is currently working on their second album, which should be released in the near future.