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Money Motivated
  • Artist: AG
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101309011
  • Item #: CDBY130901
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 3/6/2007
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $11.05

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Money Motivated on CD

Honestly i can rap. Period. My songs are the truth. Alot of people throw lies in there songs but i don't. I do me. I never make a song on some false things. I make music that is real. Just listen to my songs and you'll know who i am. BIO: As a young child, AG, had already found his passion for music. Influenced by rappers such as TuPac and Jay Z, he was inspired to transfer his thoughts and feelings through the microphone. Even though he comes from a dying culture, it didn't stop him from letting himself be heard. AG comes from an ethnicity that most people don't know about, Mien, which is a type of Asian. With all the odds against him, AG still found a way to develop a record label at the age of 18. His record label, Money Motivated Records, has inspired many young minorities to not be afraid and go after their dreams. AG's raps are not made up fantasies but real life situations and experiences. When you listen to his music, you know where he's coming from. He has come a long way and has put his heart and soul into releasing his first album, Money Motivated.