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Guilty with An Explanation
  • Artist: Al Lee Wyer
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479158995
  • Item #: SRD915899
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/30/2005
  • This product is a special order
Price: $19.14
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Guilty with An Explanation on CD

--The stories behind the songs 1) 'I'm sorry sir but you filled it in in Blue Ink and Today is a Black ink Day ' It's Not Signed so it can't be Stamped Line G Sir that's where the Black Pen's are Line B is for Signing This line is for Stamping --- NEXT ! =================================================== 2)Ruy Lopez Blues Ruy Lopez was a Spanish Monk who created his own signature Chess opening for white . (You can Google him if you like.) Kings bishop to queens knight 5 I think. That's whites third move Chess and Romance have a lot in common. The give and take,the calculated reckless gambles, the dashed hopes The love of the game and the love of someone who doesn't care weather you win or not, The ultimate Combination. She was a little better at the game than I was.-- Here's what I mean ==================================================== 3) Cannables, who are they and what do their neighbors think? I've been home for six weeks now ( Disagreement with the boss) and I'm hooked on the Talk shows. I mean I love watching the white trash and the angry Brothers fighting about pimping off their girlfriends. I especially love the end of the show when the hosts get's all mushy and shit. Nothing like balance you know. ==================================================== 4) Morning neat the Mosque I went on a pilgrimage in search of Faith. I didn't care which faith as long as I felt it. No faith or all faiths, I didn't care. I just wanted truth. I sat in the shade of an olive tree in Palestine and found what I took to be God in the shade of one of it's branches. They say he or she is everywhere you know. Here's the story. ===================================================== 5)A Degenerate Gambler's Christmas My bookie, Bobby Miranda, is a sweetheart of a guy. I mean if you make a bet and lose he lends you the money. He'll never get rich, at least not financially. My other Bookie ' Whitey' on the other hand is a real scumbag. I love beating the bastard. He came over from Dublin and he's been giving the Irish a bad name ever since. If you know what a Middle is you'll like this song.-- You god damned low life ====================================================== 6) I'm mailing it in today, pass the pork rinds My Buddy Tommy Moo (Tom Welch- he hates being called Moo It just stuck) In any case he's a professional dog and cat rescuer. He picks them up and usually winds up keeping them. He's a Postal worker who hasn't reached the AK47 stage yet.. (that's a joke ) He's got a great view of the local Bodega and Hectors broken down 84 Chevy. Damn, it's downright inspirational =================================================== 7) ON the Concourse ( This song was published as a poem in Ireland July 2007) A winner of the Fish Publishing Poetry Competition Bantry West Cork Ireland.) I worked with a guy named Mario Gonzalez. He was a foreman with the Transit Authority. Mario was sort of a street smart home boy type and one hell of nice guy. When he had a couple of beers, that's when the hip hop bravado shit came out. One Friday night back in the late 90's Mario was playing pool up on the Concourse in the Bronx. Who knows what he said but somebody put a 5 bullets in him on a dark street off Tremont Avenue. They took him back to Puerto Rico and the Transit Authority deleted his pass number. ----- 8) I am Woman, and the World can kiss my Bridge Toll We have the longest suspension bridge in the world in Brooklyn. The Verrazano or as the locals affectionately call it ' The Guinea Gangplank' Staten Island is on the other side of the bridge and most of the rest of the city hates it. It's where you go when you have your 2.5 kids and follow the rules. One girl I knew married a Cop and had 2 kids. Her husband used to shoot his gun out the car window at night when he got loaded. ( no pun) I guess he really wanted that other .5 No wonder she got fed up and came to Brooklyn for some fun. ====================================================== 9) A Frosted Glass and a Rainy Night You change as you live and sometimes you Grow.

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