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2 Z Kid Songs 1
  • Artist: Alan Cunningham
  • UPC: 700261294414
  • Item #: SRD129441
  • Genre: Children's
  • Release Date: 3/30/2010
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2 Z Kid Songs 1 on CD

Alan Cunningham has been writing songs and teaching elementary music for the past twenty years. He started writing and sharing his songs with his students and now enjoys sharing them with kids all around the Midwest. Alan has created fun-filled songs, and makes them even more exciting by sharing the story behind each song. Stories of choo choo trains, recess, taking baths in a metal tub, a cuddly bear and riding on the back of a dinosaur; all are apart of the fun of this CD. The songs are a variety of folk, rock, country, and even a sweet lullaby about music itself. Alan has spent the last ten years performing for kids in the Midwest at schools, libraries, and festivals. His one hour show keeps kids laughing and singing along as they move to the music. Young and old enjoy the music and the stories Alan brings. Take a look and meet the family at THE SHORT STORIES OF MY SONGS Chugga: My son Chad was in love with trains. Every time he saw a train he would go crazy. One night in our little house in Ottawa, he was running around the living room acting like a train. I set down and wrote this song watching him act like a train. Recess: I had been teaching for a couple of years and one night I needed to write a song. PJ, my wife, said I should write about something that the kids loved about school. Everyone, know matter how old or young, loves recess. A to Z: I was taking a shower when I wrote this song. It was my forth year of teaching. I loved making up songs and thought I should have my own alphabet song. Sang it in the shower then thought I needed to write it down before I forgot it. When I got to the letter J, it hit me, how would I forget the alphabet? I went back and dried off, sat down and finished this song. Square Metal Tub: We were giving everyone baths in the cabin. Carrying water from the lake and warming the water on the stove. I was giving my kids their bath in the square metal tub on the kitchen floor when the idea hit me. Went to the front porch after everyone was clean and wrote this song. Sam's Song: The first kid song I ever wrote. I was in College and was asked to go sing at a two room school house. I was writing love songs at the time and thought kids would not want to hear that so I went up to my dorm room and twenty minutes later Ruff Ruff was written. Didn't know it was going to lead to this!!! O Susanna: I was in a class for Orff and had to come up with a pentatonic song so I made this up. My teacher's name was Sue and her teeth were white not green. Hugga Bear: Tara, my daughter, was five and needed to get to sleep for kindergarten class the next day. I went in to sing some lullabies to help her sleep but her stuffed bear was dancing on her belly and the next thing we knew, we had a new song. Forty five minutes later PJ wasn't too happy Tara wasn't asleep yet. Dinosaur Ride: Silver Burdett, a music book company, asked me if I could write a dinosaur song. I was on my way home from that workshop when I heard the music in my head. I was driving and writing and finally I pulled over by the little town of Wellsville. That's where I finished my song. I had a lot of fun singing it in school with the kids. Driven' Down the Mountain: I was in my little pickup truck, driving down the side of Grand Mesa in Colorado. The dirt road was very bumpy and the edge was terribly steep, as we were bouncing up and down, I thought I should write a song. Music is Much More to Me: I made up this pattern on my guitar, I thought it was pretty and thought I should make up a love song for my wife. The love song didn't happen but I wrote a song about something I love.