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I Hear Voices
  • Artist: Alan O'Day
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 791406500071
  • Item #: 948943X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/12/2008
Price: $16.93
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I Hear Voices on CD

A note from Alan: Happy New Year, and thank you for your support! NEW MUSIC FROM ALAN 'UNDERCOVER ANGEL' O'DAY Celebrated Singer/Songwriter Returns With 'I Hear Voices' (Los Angeles, California) With a savvy set of new songs, Alan O'Day makes a welcome homecoming on his new CD, I Hear Voices. Best known to audiences for his #1 hit "Undercover Angel," and as the writer of Helen Reddy's "Angie Baby" and The Righteous Brothers' "Rock 'N Roll Heaven," O'Day explains that this collection spans a spectrum of styles. "There's blues, uplifting spiritual songs, and country/pop," he observes, "plus my love song to songwriters titled, 'Your Song Sucks!'" From the lead off track, "My Rock & Roll Shoes," an autobiographical lyric about surviving success, I Hear Voices is rich with the keen insights and beguiling melodies that are this songwriter's trademarks. "Back in the days of 'Undercover Angel' it was a sensual orientation, getting people's attention with a fantasy created around that kind of vibe. Now, with a little more maturity - but not too much - it's evident in my life that there is a spiritual force and I want to align myself with it. Do I really hear voices? Well, I may not tell you in a conversation, but I might in a song,' he smiles. Although Jimmy Carter was in The White House and Britney Spears wasn't yet born when he released his last full-length album, O'Day has stayed monumentally productive, penning songs for everyone from Cher to Jim Henson's Muppet Babies to John Travolta and Japanese pop idols. "You go where the air is, and the air was writing for other people and doing other projects, but there was always a feeling of, 'It would be nice to put out something again myself,'" he says. For the Hollywood native, Nashville offered inspiration when a friend from the pop world, his project's co-producer Denny Martin, introduced him to the songwriting alchemy of Music City. "Co-writing has taught me a lot," he confers. "The Nashville experience is wonderful. People co-write about as easily as they share lunch. " Listeners worldwide tell O'Day that he has contributed to their personal soundtracks. "I get emails from people who say, 'Your song was a part of my life when I was growing up.' They're happy I'm still creating." In addition to fans, O'Day also inspired Songwriters Hall of Fame Member Diane Warren who recalls, "I first met Alan in the 70's when no one yet knew me as a songwriter. When Alan wrote and released 'Undercover Angel' I secretly kept a scrapbook of the Billboard charts up to his #1 position. It was a satisfying experience to present Alan with a 'document of success.' As an emerging songwriter myself, I called on him many times for advice on my new songs. He was always honest and helpful. After over 30 years of our successes we are still great friends. I sincerely wish him another amazing success with his new album." "When you're in your twenties you might look at someone over fifty and think, 'What's left for them?' But I get busier every year," notes O'Day. He believes that not only is this the album he has always wanted to make, but that the time is right. "With the world situation and the financial crunch, people need an escape. I think my album is a good way to do that and be entertained at the same time." And for the songsmith whose words and melodies have so famously been interpreted by others, singing his own songs is deeply rewarding. "I found it incredibly freeing to be writing for a guy named Alan O'Day who already likes everything that I do. Not that I don't write and rewrite carefully, but after encountering the music biz 'gatekeepers' so often, it was good to be free -- this artist was very accepting of my work!" I HEAR VOICES Alan O'Day Singers: Alan O'Day, Janis Liebhart, Vicki Carraco Keyboards: Alan O'Day, Gene Rabbai, Dwain Rowe Harmonica: Alan O'Day Electric Guitars: Bob Williams, Bob Hatter Acoustic Guitars: Scott Neubert, Andy Most, Denny Martin Basses: Dow Tomlin, Steve Mackey, Tom D'Angelo Drums: Peter Young, William Ellis, Steve Holland, Scott Metko Cello: Ron De La Vega Loops on 'Things That Are Lost': Spectrasonics Liquid Grooves Photos: Front cover-Patty Dahlstrom; AO headshot - Joe Ortiz; AO Las Vegas - Michael Garrison This album was co-produced by Denny Martin & Alan O'Day, in Nashville, TN., 2006-2008, using Nuendo, Digital Performer & some really freakin' expensive equipment. Technical support - Paul Scott, Gene Rabbai Engineering - Denny Martin Mastering - John Albani Hospitality, Sandwiches & Manicotti - Julie Martin SONGS 1) MY ROCK'N'ROLL SHOES Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day and Artie Wayne. © 2007 City Man Music, BMI; and Wayne Art Music, BMI, all rights reserved. 2) BLOW MY BLUES AWAY Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day, © 2007 City Man Music, BMI, all rights reserved. 3) I HEAR VOICES Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day, Denny Martin, & Randy Hyden © 2007 City Man Music, BMI, & Space Ace Music, BMI, all rights reserved. 4) KAZIAH'S CHILDREN Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day & John M, © 2007 City Man Music, BMI, & FJM III Publishing, ASCAP, all rights reserved. 5) THINGS THAT ARE LOST Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day, © 2007 City Man Music, BMI, all rights reserved. 6) HELLO MOM Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day & Joseph Piasecki, © 2007 City Man Music, BMI, all rights reserved. 7) HALFWAY CAFE Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day, © 2001 City Man Music, BMI, all rights reserved. 8) SYLVIA FUNKY Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day, © 1970, Morris Music, Inc, all rights reserved. 9) IN HEAVEN'S EYES Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day & Don Stavlo, © 2006 City Man Music, BMI, all rights reserved. 10) THE THING ABOUT A RING Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day, © 2008 City Man Music, BMI, all rights reserved. 11) PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE ME Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day, © 2007 City Man Music, BMI, all rights reserved. 12) GUIDE ME Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day, © 2007 City Man Music, BMI, all rights reserved. 13) YOUR SONG SUCKS Lyrics & Music by Alan O'Day, © 2007 City Man Music, BMI, all rights reserved. This project was made possible by the grace of God, and the talent, support, and/or inspiration of the following: My wonderful wife Yuka, Denny Martin, the awesome players & singers, Don Stavlo, John M, Randy Hyden, Artie Wayne, Joe Piasecki, Pete & Pat Luboff, Steve Morris, Carmen Gouig, Jody Williams, Tom Luteran, Paul Scott, Keith Hinton, Mike Krasney, Rand Bishop, Paul Cashmere, Robyn Taylor-Drake, Alex Del Zoppo, Harriet Schock, Sue & Bob Lopez, CDBaby, Just Plain Folks, LAWIM, NSAI, TAXI, John & JoAnn Braheny, Ande Rasmussen, Janet Fisher, Steve Barri, Dallas Smith, Tom Dowd, Hank Saroyan, Janis Liebhart, Keith Taylor, Mikael Hedman, Andy Stein, Randall Reynolds, John Mangiagli, Diane Warren, John Mangiagli, Barry Scott, Greg Sharp, Helen Reddy, Bo Donaldson, Ron Dante, Tatsuro Yamashita, Sue Thompson, Mark Spiwac, Jeff Conroy, Mandi Martin Fox, Shakeh Herbekian, Dave Kinnoin, Dennis Klein, Arch Hall, Deke Richards, Gary Heller, Aubrey O'Day (Danity Kane), Joel Christie, Jerry Levin, Ernie Gurrola, Oscar Arias, Eddie Arias, Sal Velasquez, Johnny Alvarez, Don Duarte, Eddie Savant, David Talisman, Fred Rain Trujillo, Steve Anderson, Richard Green, David Pomeranz, Patti Dahlstrom, Tom Cuddy, Johnny Otis, Jimmy Reed, Dobie Gray, Bill Reed, Paul Simon, Richard Penniman, Stan Freburg, Sydney Goldstein, Ed Silvers, Gail Drayton MD, Rick Essner MD, Kathryn Gardner MD, Robert Karns MD, Melanie Woloz, Steve Hassan, Ken Kaufman, and others who are in my heart but have escaped my brain.

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