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Room with a View
  • Artist: Alan's Wrench
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 656613974025
  • Item #: SRD397402
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/20/2002
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Room with a View on CD

Alan's Wrench, fresh squeezed from the County of Oranges, is a collision of hard emotion and melody set to a soundtrack of all empowering vision and idealism. Influenced by bands like Alice In Chains, Incubus, Moby, Weezer, and The Strokes, Alan's Wrench manages to create a record that puts them in their own very special category. The band, comprised of So-Cal transplants, consists of Dave Simoncic on vocals, John Morgan on guitars, Marty Wilcox on drums, and newcomer Justin Unsworth on bass. Four years in the making, Alan's Wrench has released what Music Connection magazine called 'modern rock that is radio ready,' with their debut full length album titled 'Room With A View.' Bringing a new style of of commercialized rock n' roll to the world is a tough shoe to fill, but 'this album is strong enough to withstand a thousand fault-splitting earthquakes' claims bassist J. Unsworth. This is immediately evident on the albums undeniably contagious track 'Rubberbandmanland,' with it's mind numbing beats, and fist pounding chorus. By the album's fourth track, 'Blister,' with it's lifting, carefree verse and exploding chorus, followed by the refreshingly acoustic 'Never Once,' the band seizes you. Then bringing in their timely anthem 'UnAmerican,' they prove they are a commercial, yet undeniably true to the roots of Rock N' Roll-All American Supergroup! Along with the release of their new disc, Alan's Wrench is carrying with themselves bags of live experience and showmanship. Quickly gaining more exposure with their emergence from the Los Angeles/OC rock underground, to being named one of LA's best unsigned rock bands (Lamusic2000), Alan's Wrench has been filling clubs both to the delight of fans and club owners alike, up and down the West Coast. 'Playing together with Living Colour on the final night of their reunion tour, was another great piece of happiness I'll never forget, as being a part of this band,' said drummer M. Wilcox. Snagging opening slots on sold out tours and engaging the entire audience, has really been a integral part of the Alan's Wrench live show. 'We want to recreate for you, our recorded selves, in a live setting' claims vocalist D. Simoncic. 'That's something most bands out there are unable to do, but we find we do quite well, and the thousands of fans out there don't lie.' 'Room With A View' the debut album from Southern California's own Alan's Wrench. Available on and chain record stores throughout Southern California !!!