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  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 875531004120
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  • Release Date: 11/4/2008
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Breeze on CD

Driven by emotion to touch your heart, this pure acoustic music opens up memories and tells stories with every note. Each song is unique, with something for everyone...some are relaxing, other songs dance, but they all tell a story about wondrous things that come from the honesty of the music. It will touch your heart as it calms your mind and soul. I got my first guitar as a Christmas present when I was only ten years old. I loved my musical instrument so much that it was hard for me to put it down, but I never played music by following notes in a book. I would try to capture all of the different sounds around me and transfer them through the notes on my guitar. As I got older I became much more serious about my music and started to grow more mature in my compositions, but I always played for fun and for my enjoyment. My life came with many ups and downs, but I never stopped writing songs and playing the guitar, and it brings me great joy to share this music with others. The CD was recorded at Saga Recording in Vancouver, BC, by veteran producer Michael Nowak. Michael says 'working with Aleksandar was a joy, and it was my pleasure to capture the spirit of his heartfelt music.' Few listener's reaction Aleks, I love your CD! It is so calming and relaxing. I love it and you named it correctly. I feel calm and cool like I was on the beach in the Bahamas all alone, sipping a wonderful drink and totally relaxed! I love it and can't thank you enough for my copy!In today's times, I need something so wonderful to relax us and make the woes of the daily grind fall away! It's a gift I will always cherish and I find it more than a collector's item, I feel it is a gift from a dear and kind man! Marcia, Phoenix, AZ Aleks, Your music is both moving and beautiful. The bells after The Silent Shrines gave me shivers. I think my favorite is Prayer, and I will be listening to the entire CD a many more times to be sure. I really enjoy listening to your music. Thank you so much. Diane, Vancouver, BC.