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Fantasies of Another World
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884501099431
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  • Release Date: 2/10/2009
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Fantasies of Another World on CD

Alex Shields is a composer based in Manhattan, NY. He has played guitar since 1988 and quit around 6 years later. At the same time he was composing using Personal Deskmate 2 on his Tandy HX 1000 computer. He began composing again starting in July 2008 using MIDI composition software. His songs are composed, played, and recorded on computer. The styles he composes in are death metal, folk music (also called 'world music'), melodramatic classical, soft romantic classical, and an amalgamation of various things. 'Fantasies of Another World' is mostly energetic classical music. The songs are intended to reflect various scenes of another world, another time, another reality. The music of the songs are composed while Alex imagined the various scenes. Most of the instruments used are strings, a small variety of brass and woodwinds, some percussion instruments, and synthesized vocals. All instruments are software instruments; no physical instruments were used to play the songs on 'Fantasies of Another World'. Alex's musical inspirations are everything he enjoys, specifically: Vivaldi, Rimsky-Korsakov, Bach, Slayer, Samael, ...And Oceans, Dead Can Dance, Morbid Angel, Therion, Mussorgsky, Debussey, and others. The song 'The Kelp Forest' is available in it's entirety at Alex's official site. The song 'Winter Journey III (The Blizzard)' can be heard in it's entirety at Alex's myspace page or soundclick page.