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Something Like Jazz
  • Artist: Alexander
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 780221011626
  • Item #: CDBYS11626
  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 10/25/2005
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $11.99

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Something Like Jazz on CD

I was born in Chicago, Illinois, started playing piano in my teens and added guitar and percussion very quickly. My first instructor was a local jazz pianist and I then attended the Conservatory of Music in Chicago, before moving to NYC and then to San Francisco and LA.. I now reside in Sedona, AZ. If you're at all familiar with the last few decades of jazz, you know what a diverse music it's become. Within this CD are some things many would say is not jazz, so that's why I call it 'Something Like Jazz'. Certainly the phrasing of the improvised passages on many of these songs will be recognizable as jazz though the rhythms may include elements of hip hop, dance and other newer types of music. Acid Jazz is probably the genre closest to what's on this CD, though 2 of the songs, with acoustic bass, drum and piano sound very post-bop traditional. I started composing music and writing songs to hear what I wasn't hearing anywhere else. I've never fit neatly into any genre and whatever the problems created by that it was overpowered by the joy of hearing what I wanted to hear. Fortunately there have been enough people who liked it to sustain my play. Anyone who composes their own music is improvising in order to create what has never been before. I actually started writing songs before I had learned an instrument, so the desire to hear something original was born into me. I hope you'll enjoy this creative excursion into the merging of a jazz approach to new sounds and new grooves. Please check out all my CDs on CD Baby: New Visions In Sedona Dreams Of Sedona A Space Serene Tour Of The Galaxies Moonlight On Water Something Like Jazz.