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  • Artist: Alfredo Triff
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 700261269702
  • Item #: SRD126970
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 5/3/2009
Price: $19.11
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Dadason on CD

DadaSØN features Alfredo Triff Trio: Alex Berti on acoustic bass, Daniel Ponce on congas and Triff on violin. The album includes Roberto Poveda and Rosie Inguanzo on vocals, Sammy Figueroa on percussion, Liván Trujillo on tenor sax, and pianists Rainier Marrero and Misael Valera. Listen to polyrhythmic densities, provocative solos and daring harmonies punctuated by piano divertimenti, exploring wistful vocals and languid urban themes. This new album and brings forth the anarchist attitude of dada with the hip poetry of and groove of Cuban son montuno. dadaSØN is just the right blend of edgy optimism and nonconformity that you'd expect in order to cope with these convoluted times we live in. ______ Live, the Triff Trio seems out of a Havana tenement, following traces of a Viennese sonata, a tango in Paris, a "newyorican" bomba, feeding a trip of Impressionist-like music moments filtered by symphonic motives, film soundtrack (...) sort of kitsch occurrences leading to a "tumbao" which becomes lingua franca between Caribbean people. A daring critic may call it "chamber music for rumberos," who know to crave the exquisite sounds of syncopated montunos.-- Eliseo Cardona, El Sentinel, Florida. _______ Listening I found myself being somewhere in Budapest, or was it Cuba, - no- it was New York. It could have been anywhere (...) what I love most about Triff's latest recorded effort is the simplicity of the instrumentation (...) "Caca de cuna" is a duet with maracas and piano that struck me as especially sweet in it's simplicity. "Crimen fatal" is as soulful as it gets - a wonderful trio piece with Misael Valera piano, Roberto Poveda, vocal and Triff on Violin. Rosie Inguanzo's vocal on "Conejo crispado" is like the voice on an angel: Sensitive, heartfelt and again, musically simply stated. Actually, Alfredo strikes me as someone who got in touch with his music long before school - early in his life. dadaSON perfectly represents his technique, compositional and arranging skills. While the compositions and arrangements may be Alfredo's, and while Alfredo may be the featured artist on the CD, - it's not just all about Alfredo - it's clear to me that for Triff, it's about the MUSIC. The arrangements let the ensemble breath. Each performer has their statement - and they ALL say it well. The musicians selected for the session were perfect.- Steve Barta for

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