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Time Will Come
  • Artist: Alice Ashley
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479915062
  • Item #: 1382337X
  • Genre: Blues
  • Release Date: 11/16/2008
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Time Will Come on CD

- The Words behind the Music - Filled with great melodies, Contemporary Soul, the Motown mood, a hint of Jazz, happy Blues, and a modern feel, these songs are a series of lyrical and melodic conversations; and is a true history of experiences that have positively shaped my life so far. The album, which encompasses a caring tribute to all, is filled with lots of love and emotion; and shares with others a positive, yet fun and exciting experience. In 1996 when "Never Giving Up" and "A Time Will Come" the title track were written, I visualised for the world togetherness, and the very experience that took place on the night of the election. It is so gratifying to see these songs solidified by the people. 'Never Giving Up' also describes my fighting spirit. A bluesy, grooving little toe tapping, dance number that manages to lift your spirits, and acknowledges our true hero's. All of my songs are written with others in mind; and "I Hear a Whisper" speaks to my own experiences of having a partner that was away from home a lot of the time; so I truely understand what the people in the armed services and their families have to endure. 'We Can Overcome the Odds' smooth, sexy contemporary and jazzy, was initially about confrontation, making the unworkable work and written out of anger; an emotion I would prefer not having...but I loved making up afterwards. Couples and partners unite and keep it together if you can. I also love a good party, fun, laughter and catching up with my friends. So I refocused with fun grooves, like 'I know the Difference', 'Mama Said' and 'If you want me to (ask me)'. "Something has changed me" was inspired by the fact that I've worked all my life. Workaholics everywhere will relate to the fact that It's natural for us to just keep going, and sometimes not taking enough time for ourselves. On a different note, I am adventurous at best, and took on a challenge that was very exciting. I had a small role in ' City Homicide' an Australian TV drama; and in several movies that were filmed in Australia. The Steven King movie "Nightmares and Dreamscapes"; "The Elephant Princess"; Nicolas Cage movies "Ghost Rider" and "Knowing"; and "The Pacific" directed by Steven Spielberg. What fun! I met my good friend and mentor,Gil Askey (former musical director for Motown) in Australia. Gil and I performed together on a number of occasions. Not only did he organise band members for my performances in Melbourne, but he also co-produced and played trumpet on 'Never Giving Up', 'A Time Will Come' and 'Forever and Always'. 'A Time Will Come' album covers a range of categories, age groups, some very personal and important issues; but mostly it's a good listening album. You feel like dancing, or tapping your feet even when you think you don't feel like it. I love music and most of all performing. When I perform live, my first moto is, I want you to leave your cares behind, enjoy yourself and have a lot of fun; and secondly, if you are not on the dance floor on the first song, I haven't done my job. I'm looking forward to performing at a venue near you! Like all things a bit of history may be omitted this time...but I will continue the saga on my next album! To hear more of my music clips, visit my official website and click on more music. If you have already purchased my CD, 'thank you very much', Enjoy it, have fun. I believe 'We Can Overcome the Odds', 'Never Giving Up', 'Forever and Always' and the title track 'A Time Will Come' are my Grammy songs. Write your reviews here and/or visit my official site and Let me know your choices! Cheers, Alice.