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I Think It's Finally Morning
  • Artist: Alice Bierhorst
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101146043
  • Item #: SRD114604
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 8/15/2006
  • This product is a special order
Price: $19.14
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I Think It's Finally Morning on CD

'I Think It's Finally Morning', Alice Bierhorst's ninth album of originals, is simply beautiful. Her first solo acoustic album, each song is thrown in stark relief by her heartfelt singing and carefully chosen lyrics. Like a great short story writer, Bierhorst plumbs the depths of the human spirit in three minutes or less. Alice Bierhorst is based in New York. She has amassed a huge catalog of songs since she began writing in 1993 in San Francisco. Her songwriting has ranged from multi-metered prog rock to harmonically dense orchestral pop to Appalachian-style folk, but she is always unmistakably herself. Performing as a solo artist, sidewoman, and member of the band Rockdove, Alice has released nearly an album a year in the last twelve years. She believes that her journey is just beginning and the best years are ahead for an artist who has quietly developed on the margins. Alice has been compared to Nick Drake, David Crosby, and the Velvet Underground as well as Brian Wilson, 60's girl groups and the Stax sound. Other influences include Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Booker T. & The M.G.'s, and Stevie Wonder. The Songs 1. Carried Away "If only you could see all of the beauty Before it's time to be carried away" 2. Play the Hand "When you reach the end of the line You're gonna wish that you had Just a little more time" 3. Beat My Drum "You gotta believe in something In the dead of night" 4. Carnival Carnivore "Open up the hymn book to the place Where I scratched your name in blood" 5. Fire with Fire "Everybody holds a little piece Of somebody else's heart" 6. Glory Be "You don't ask for much, it seems" 7. Feels Like A Long Time "There will come a day when I can't comfort you" 8. Joan of Arc "Everyone I know is lonely Including you my dear" 9. I Think It's Finally Morning "Every night takes so long I'm not sure I can hold on" 10. Careworn "I just concentrate on your face When I need a little light"

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