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  • Artist: Alice Bierhorst
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101049474
  • Item #: SRD104947
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 6/28/2005
  • This product is a special order
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Jubilee on CD

'Jubilee', Alice Bierhorst's eighth album of original songs, is a self-contained universe of beautiful songs longing for a simpler time that never was. Alice Bierhorst is a multi-instrumentalist based in New York. She has released eight albums of original material and two albums of covers of other up-and-coming songwriters on her own shur records label. Performing nearly all the instruments herself with a few guest stars (Laura Cromwell, Pete Galub, John Mettam, and Rob Price), the music reflects the intensity and purity of her vision as writer, performer, and arranger. The album opens with the haunting, wide open space of 'Alaska', moving through the twangy hooks of 'Each Little Rose', the eerie and echo-y world of 'It's Too Late', the intimate soulful sweetness of 'Fly Little Angel', the country blues folk of 'Bury Him Down', the spooky repetition of 'What A Difference (The Morning Makes), the roots rocker 'Over and Over', the mournful waltz of the title track, 'Jubilee', the unexpected rave-up of 'I'm Set Free', the album's only cover in Jason Crigler's playful 'Mr. Important Person', and finally the plaintive autobiography of 'All That I Am'. Alice has been compared to Velvet Underground, Nick Drake, and Lucinda Williams as well as Brian Wilson, 60's girl groups and the Stax sound. A true original, she has created some of the best off-the-beaten- track pop of the last ten years. In addition to her solo career, she has also worked as a drummer for a variety of singer-songwriters including Alan Bennett, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Rachel Loshak, Rebecca Martin, Felix McTeigue, Eric Metzgar, Katie Sawicki, and many more. Previous recordings include 'Heaven' (1996), 'Safe Places to Dream' (1997), 'Maker's Mark' (1998), and 'Now Entering Liberty Heights' (2000), 'Oxygen' (2001), 'Earthbound' (2003), and 'Here Today' (2004). Her last four albums are available here at REVIEWS 'Alice Bierhorst wears multiple hats with confidence on her sixth release, Earthbound. This native New Yorker spent years crafting her accompaniment and writing skills in the San Francisco music scene, before returning home in 1999. Back in New York, which seems to infiltrate her writing, she defines a new sound for herself by playing all of the brooding rhythm tracks on Earthbound. The lyrics are lean and use metaphor to dig into everything from love to war. Her chameleon vocals change character with each distinctly crafted song bringing to mind the photography of Cindy Sherman. Tinges of Velvet Underground and Nick Drake can be heard, but Bierhorst's urban drumming and painterly lyrics are unique. These 10 tracks of beautifully weird pop remind us that less is more.' -Performing Songwriter 'A refugee from the San Francisco art and folk scenes, Bierhorst has relocated to New York for her latest album, 'Oxygen', which finds her crafting smoky, supple, creep-folk, similar to - and as indelible as - David Crosby or Red House Painters. She's definitely a mature adult and a confident artist, and even the gothic traces that surround her songs are less depressing than they are classically beautiful. This is a record with atmosphere'. -Performing Songwriter.

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