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  • Artist: Alicia Bonnet
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884502057577
  • Item #: SRD205757
  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 5/19/2009
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
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Trusting on CD

Trusting...aah I learned so much about the word 'trusting' by recording these songs. Faith, perseverance, one step at a time. 'Trusting' the title song,gives rise to believing in the power of listening to the voice inside. The soaring haunting soprano sax solo assists in remembering the sacred in life. Of course Alicia's gentle, vocals and tranquil piano arrangement give compassion a place to rest in your heart. 'Pelicans' is a shamanic journey on the wings of their flight over the waters of the Pacific Ocean. 'You Can Make Life' with it's rousing chorus over a background of piano and guitar pulse keeps one inspired to go for the dream in your life. 'Grandfather Juniper', a lively banjo and vocal, tells the story of meeting an ancient juniper tree in southern California by a railroad track who shares with Alicia his many life experiences in the desert by the railroad track. 'Surfer and A Clown' poignently and gently recalls a two week romance in the island waters off southern Thailand with the Buddisht theme of 'all things will change you can't cling to anything'. Each folk/ blues/ jazz influenced song stirs through powerful strong yet lilting vocals. Many moods ranging from contemplative to rousing, gentle to rocking infuse this collection of orignal songs. Through it all is the theme that we all share the same needs and desires. Interwoven with Alicia's mesmerising vocals are arrangements including saxaphone, Balinese flute, piano, banjo, guitar and violin to create an aura of enchantment and unconditional love. Alicia is a whale guide, ceremonial facilitator, sound, touch and vocal medicine healer, recording artist, Dances of Universal Peace leader, Sun Priestess, Universal Life Minister, Dervish Healing Order member, Quantum Touch and Polarity practitioner and Bubbles the Clown Fairy. Wow what a mouthful!! Using the power of love by tuning and sharing the planet based cycles of the moon and sun, day and night, seasons of the year, Alicia guides fun interactive intercultural, interfaith gatherings and private ceremonies and sessions. These gatherings include Peace Fire, Sundown Conch Ceremony, New Moon Sister Circle, Whale Water Blessing and Celtic 13 Moon Ceremony.