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Empty Spaces
  • Artist: Alkalined
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479134210
  • Item #: CDBY913421
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/12/2005
  • This product is a special order
Price: $8.69
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Empty Spaces on CD

Alkalined was formed after a meeting in a local park between two musicians with a drive to succeed. The singer/song writer duo has since gone onto climb new musical heights. There music is fresh rock with wiry guitar and piano riffs, while accenting the raspy strong vocals. The group is looking forward to releasing it's first CD. The band is an international combination of souls. The singer hails from Philadelphia, PA. His approach to vocal is a blending of alternative, progressive rock with folk to create something unique and powerful. The guitar player hails from Hamburg, Germany. His keen sense of creating fresh and cutting edge music shows through in every track. He has played over 250 gigs in Europe with his former bands. Alkalined has become his latest alternative music challenge. The music that Alkalined has put out is creative and original. The songs have passion and meaning behind them, the vocalist uses a rough powerful style while the music sets a mood that gives a feeling of positive energy. The melodies and lyrics of the tracks unite to form uplifting and inspiring music. They strive to make each track unique without going to far. The band has come a long way and has now stepped into a professional zone. Heres what people are saying about alkaline music: Big sound'lots of talent' THE GROUP IS SOUL PACKED TOGETHER WITH TALENT. Big sound and well balenced groove tune. The keys and guitars blend so well. The vocal is brite and full. Fun and lite to enjoy for all. Great live show I think. You all play so well together. So stay together.That so hard to find. Just more of the beatuiful vibe you give 'is what i like' So just keep it up!!! awesome i thought that this song was awesome until the singer started singing, then i realized that this song was made by GODS the singers voices is so good 5 all across the board Let's Sing All Love the panio up front. You have a great guitar sound. Your lyrics are happy and uplifting they make me want to sing along with you. You can't be sad listening to this song it has a cheery mood.

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