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Sol Invictus
  • Artist: All Green Lights
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479583506
  • Item #: SRD958350
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/21/2007
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Sol Invictus on CD

I named my band All Green Lights on the way to see Radiohead perform at the Gorge in Washington State. I didn't hit one red. While recording, that became a sort of mantra. In April of 2004 Candida Pax was released in Washington DC. Shortly after the release, I began working in earnest on my next record, titled Sol Invictus. At this point I believe it is important to understand some of my personal history to get an idea of how things proceeded. In August 2001 I began recording Candida Pax in Olympia, Washington. In November I joined the band Blush Response, with Billie Valor on vocals and Trevor Gagner on synths. We wrote and recorded 4 songs in 6 months and shopped them to record labels. In Feburary of 2002 Alison, my girlfriend, moved to Washington DC. In May of 2002 I moved to Washington DC to be with her. I continued to edit and record on Candida Pax. Over the summer I made a record with Eric Bloom. In the fall of 2002 I joined the DC band Inqilab with Ravi Srinivas on rhodes piano, Brian Withrow on drums, and Nihar Bhatt on bass. I played guitars and keyboards. Over the winter Ravi and I recorded the Burning Fantasy with Inqilab and released it as a 7" in the spring of 2003. On May 25th Alison and I were married. Inqilab performed at many venues in the DC area including the Black Cat, Fort Reno and the Velvet Lounge. In spring of 2004 Inqilab broke up. I put the final touches on Candida Pax, and in April of 2004 released the album on Morning Light records. Over the next several months I promoted and distributed Candida Pax around the United States to college radio stations with the help of Joseph Jakuta and Litle Joe Peep productions. In the Fall of 2004 I began recording Jakuta and Carl's debut CD "I". In Janurary of 2005 we mastered the record with Don Zientara at Inner Ear studios and later in spring Jakuta and Carl released the album. I also ran the live sound at a show in College Park at Vinnie Bevevino's house featuring Mirah, the Blow, and Anna Oxygen. Vinnie liked the recording so much he pressed 500 copies to vinyl and released College Park is always ready to party as a 12'. For Sol Invictus I began working with more musicians, recruiting Ty Russell (Tyro, who plays all over DC with Brazillian bands) on drums, percussion and some electric guitar, Ravi Srinivas on trumpet and some keyboards, and Mike Barbour (who is also a member of the National Philharmonic) on violins. I also had Melissa Farley guest on vocals and Joe Jakuta play tuba. I began mixing and remixing pieces and separated songs into parts and sent them to my friends Joe Jakuta and Greg Gorlen (from Rostro Medial Prefrontal Cortex) to remix for me. I also went to piano shop owned by Alex Colwell's dad and recorded on a piano Alex had restored from 1908. And it turned out my artist friend Piero knew how to play the didgeridoo. In May we had the ultra-sound performed on Alison and recorded the heartbeat of Mia Waters while she was still in utero. Overall I wanted a bigger sound, a bigger more expansive record than Candida Pax, with more people involved. I experimented more, and recorded many sounds outside, like thunder, rain, the ocean, and the bars on our apartment door. Mia was born in July and we moved from Washington DC to Olympia Washington driving cross-country while Hurricane Katrina touched down in New Orleans . In Janurary I put the final touches on the music for Sol Invictus. My cousin Garrett Folkers came over to play some Eddie Van Halen style guitar tapping and I learned how to use some new soft synthesizers which I layered in. I sent the final recordings to mastering engineer Brian Hazard at 11th Records (later Resonance Mastering) at the very end of Janurary. In March 2006 Alison, Mia and I bought a house in Centralia Washington and began in earnest fixing it up. I also worked on the album layout for Sol Invictus. I got the lettering put together by my card designer friend Caitlin Sherwood. And Vinnie took the digital photo of my paiting so I could put it on the cover. On Janurary 1st 2007 I sent off 70 album kits to record labels I thought would be interested in releasing Sol Invictus for me. I was to wait 6 months for a response, otherwise I would proceed on my own. I received one postcard from Saddle Creek Records that said they had gotten my package, and no other responses. Two weeks after my son Maxim Tao was born we went across the street to take my photo in front of RichArt's house. In July I had 1000 copies of the record pressed in Canada, and they came to my door in August. That's close to where I'm at now. Of course between Janruary 2006 and July 2007 I was recording and working on new material, Liberatus, but that's far from complete. I plan on spending then next several months getting reviews for Sol Invictus and letting people know about the music. All Green Lights Sol Invictus Music composed, arranged, recorded, produced and played by Benjamin Roy Bettinson. (guitars, drum machines, sampler, keyboards, harmonicas, recorder, piano, bass, vocals, midi, mixer, delay pedals, percussion, and other instruments) Mastered by Brian Hazard at 11th records Paintings by Ben Lettering by Caitlin Sherwood Computer Guru-Steve Kenny Thanks to all involved and to you for listening. Enjoy. 1. National Geographic Tyro-drums Michael Barbour-violins Ravi Srinivas-trumpets Pogo-elephant call 2. Born Again Tyro-drums and percussion Normandy Sherwood-wake up call 3. Sol Invictus Tyro-drums and vocals Melissa Farley-vocals Ivar Conq-dark keyboard Joseph Jakuta-remixing Greg Gorlen-ambient remixing Mia Waters-in utero (amplified by Dr. Sutton) 4. Providence Tyro-guitar, drums 5. Upanishads Tyro-drums, percussion Bill Coates-taps 6. Hawaii Tyro-wurlitzer, guitar solos Garrett Folkers- guitar solos 7. yes 8. Artemesia Joseph Jakuta-tuba Tyro-drums 9. Wahoo Tyro-percussion 10. Big Boss Level 11. Union Official Tyro-drums, vocals, percussion Ravi Srivivas-Wurlitzer Alex Colwell-special assistance recording pianos and bell 12. Turn Around Melissa Farley-Vocals Ravi Srinivas-Wurlitzer 13. Death and Awakening Piero-digereedoo Tyro-percussion, autoharp Michael Barbour-violins.

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