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Hataz Can't Stand Me
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Hataz Can't Stand Me on CD

David "Young Crucial" Richardson Jr. started making music when he was a teenager with his brother and co-founder Aaron "Double A" Richardson, hence their solo group name DNA. DNA was formed in 1988. David and Aaron\'s talents flourished, and soon the two were not only rappers but also producers. DNA has performed at various shows locally and nationally. Their diverse arsenal of talents include rapping, singing, song writing and composing. Young Crucial and Double A co-founded DNA Productions LLC. DNA Productions on West Third Street in Dayton Ohio is a promising entrepreneurial endeavor combining both brothers eye for business and ear for music. DNA Productions LLC offers a wide array of musical services including production, mastering, recording and original beats. After achieving some local notoriety Young Crucial and Double A decided to start the group All in Entertainment. All in Entertainment is comprised of 3 members; brothers and co-founders Young Crucial (age 29) and Double A (age 27), and their close friend Richard "Young Bos" Doakes (age 22). Young Crucial and Double A met Young Bos through some mutual friends and soon found they all had a shared love of making music. The group put out their first underground mix tape "Street Heat Volume 1" July 4th 2007 and their second mix tape "Street Heat Volume 2" on February 14th 2008. Both mix tapes combined original flows over familiar beats and some original songs as well. The groups' newest album "Haterz Can't Stand Me" is set to drop July 4th 2008. This album shows off the groups diverse rap styles, and the title track "Haterz Can't Stand Me" is All Ins rap commentary on all the obstacles they have overcome to in the process of forming the group.

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