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That's Insane
  • Artist: Allan Bilka
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 670142132329
  • Item #: SRD213232
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/26/2006
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That's Insane on CD

Allan Bilka's RETRO NOUVEAU featuring Vinter Shaype MUSICIANS: ALLAN BILKA: Guitars, vocals, bass, lyrics. VINTER SHAYPE: Electronic percussion, cymbals, bass bells. INFUENCES: ALLAN: The Beatles, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Jeff Beck, Larry Coryell, John McLaughlin, Cream, Hendrix, Led Zepplin, King Crimson, Moby............ VINTER: Fat Boy Slim, Moby, Aphex Twin, Mouse on Mars, Radio Head, Nine Inch Nails......... SOUNDS LIKE: Santana meets Gorillaz, with Bowie influenced vocals. THE STORY: Most of the music you hear on these tracks were laid down before the Twin Towers were brought down on 9/11. Vinter laid some electronic drum tracks, playing drum pads, and then added the main bass/bell like progression. Allan then improvised electric and acoustic guitars and basses over that foundation, with some direction on feel from Vinter. Vinter's comment on the original mix was: 'That's Insane', and so the title was born. But as the people of the world watched their televisions in horror when those towers collapsed on 9/11, the song took on new meaning. Shortly thereafter, the chorus 'Killing in the name of God? That's Insane' was born. For years, the song lay dormant, tucked neatly in a tiny space on the hard drive of the computer in Allan's basement studio. It hurt to think about those events. And Allan thought it might even be dangerous to put down the thoughts that were going through his head. But as the 5th anniversary of 9/11 neared, it seemed the timing was right. So he decided to let the song evolve and take shape as it may. Beginning in April of 2006, the original electronic percussion, bass/bells and improvised guitars and basses were cut and pasted, additional lyrics composed, and vocals, cymbals and a few additional guitars were overdubbed. That brings us to the mixes in their current forms as found here. As you read the lyrics that follow, please keep in mind this paradox: To those that took up the cause of Jihad, there was no greater thing they could do for their God. Unfortunately, to many non-Muslims familiar with the Koran, that is also the great and undeniable fault of Islam. But the purpose of these lyrics is not say that Islam is false and evil. It is to urge all people of all religions to use their own judgment. Do not simply repeat the beliefs of an organized religion or religious or political leader or doctrine. Do not believe words simply because they are in the book that your forefathers held sacred. Learn from your forefathers and learn from your experience. Use your own judgment. Take to heart the passages that inspire you and you believe to be true, and cast out those elements that you feel are false or incorrect. Think for yourself. Have an open mind and discuss your principles. Be open to change and growth. After all, each and every one of the words in each and every one of the great books were recorded by humans, not Gods. Yet humans, with all their imperfections, are the closest things to Gods. I just wish the Gods would show more respect for each other. THAT'S INSANE Music by Allan Bilka and Vinter Shaype Lyrics by Allan Bilka Pictures on the tube Some lunatic on the fringe It's a free country We gotta let 'em in He's so confused He blames us for everything He read in some book That the sword will solve everything (Extended version only) Many years ago Your ancestors walked this earth Conquered by tribes of ruthless warriors Forced by the sword to believe what they didn't believe They had rebuilt the earth They had cherished the sun and the trees The wind and the seas Doesn't seem so strange to me Doesn't seem so strange to me Doesn't seem so strange to me Doesn't seem so strange to me But does he remember that that same sword Conquered his own fore fathers too And forced them to change everything That they once held sacred and true Killing in the name of God That's Insane Killing in the name of God That's Insane Killing in the name of God That's Insane Killing in the name of Love That's Insane To control the masses Give them hope and serve those in power Mind control religions Seek fresh souls to devour Everything is wrong Except what they say is right Dare to think for yourself And you just might loose your life (Extended version only) Given a choice to change, die or be ridiculed Sons and daughters slowly changed their views Mothers read the words of love from their sacred spools But even their young boys knew That hidden there too Were words of salvation so cruel Words of salvation so cruel Words of salvation so cruel Words of salvation so cruel And they'll lie to your face to defeat you Socialism communism look good on paper But they can crush the souls of men And the capitalistic pigs Have their own warped visions of heaven Killing in the name of God That's Insane Killing in the name of God That's Insane Killing in the name of God That's Insane Killing in the name of Love That's Insane Where's the balance? Aren't you tired of their black and white views? Don't you want some balance? Aren't you tired of them making decisions for you? FINAL THOUGHTS On September 2nd, 2006, in Toronto Canada, Vinter and Allan witnessed the world premier of the movie John Lennon vs. The United States. John had a simple message: give peace a chance. We need to try to understand each other, not kill each other. In that spirit, Retro Nouveau offers this song to you and to the world.

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