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Money Talks Too Much
  • Artist: Allan Byer
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479190933
  • Item #: SRD919093
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 11/8/2005
  • This product is a special order
Price: $16.76
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Money Talks Too Much on CD

Some Ifs: (To help you to decide if you should buy this record) If you are tired of how W. is running this country, you will like the politically charged songs on this record. If you like early Bruce Cockburn, you will like the songs on this album. If you want to know what the Word is from the Streets of the once Rural but now growth exploding big money influenced Central Oregon high desert, you need this record. If you like Michael Moore's take on America, you will like these songs. If you know that positive thinking and your attitude do make a difference in your life, this record will affirm those beliefs. If you believe the Universe is compassionate and that we are spiritual beings in spite of all the materialism in America, and that it is still worth praying about, these songs will resonate. If you have truly loved or been loved, there is a song or more here for you. If you have a missing biological parent, there is a song here for you. If you have eaten Fast Food or thought of living in Outer Space, you must have 'Food on the Run.' If you are 'Facing 50' or older, or you are young and wonder about what it's like to get older, you need this record in your music library. If you have 'Questions for God,' give a listen. I do, too. If you have realized that sometimes, no matter what, you just can't protect and safeguard those you love, you need to hear 'Girl Hold Me Tight.' If you relate to the writings of James Redfield and/or John Shelby Spong, we are family and you need this record. If you answered yes to any of the Ifs above, you must have this record to take the next step on your life adventure spiritual quest. And as my brother Dean Prescott of The Substitutes says in 'Wallpaper Music,' 'If he sings above their laughter, He's taking it too far, But if he croons away in whispers, They only hear his guitar. Sing for your supper, we need you around. We may not hear you, but we still like the sound.' *Thanks to Dean for reminding me that sometimes we can provide more than just 'Wallpaper Music' for the audiences we play for.

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