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Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair
  • Artist: Allen J.M. Smith
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884501062107
  • Item #: 158487X
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 9/16/2008
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $16.13

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Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair on CD

Allen Smith\'s second album, \'Jeannie, With the Light Brown Hair,\' contains a wide variety of song types spanning four centuries. The single uniting factor in all of these songs is that each was among the best of it's time. Allen had the good fortune to be born into a musical family in Erie, Pa., in the 1940s, a time when home-made music was a popular pastime. His earliest musical influence was his mother, who played ragtime piano. She was one of many family musicians. He studied French horn in school and did some symphony playing as an adult. He became interested in folk music in the 1960s and began playing the guitar and banjo then. He takes great satisfaction in singing the great choral music of the Anglican-Episcopal tradition in a small church in north Louisiana. He particularly loves the beautiful songs of the 19th century by composers Stephen Foster, Percy French and their contemporaries, which he, as a boy, heard his family playing. He believes that these popular songs and folk songs from the previous four centuries are timeless and deserve an authentic presentation today. He never makes the mistake of trying to update the songs to conform with current musical trends. Many listeners have made it plain that they agree with his approach. He sincerely hopes his efforts will bring a smile, and he thanks you for taking a moment to listen.