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Unshackled Mind: An Afrocentric Approach to Self H
  • Artist: Almas Jamil Sami'
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 792382302024
  • Item #: CDBY230202
  • Genre: Spoken
  • Release Date: 5/27/2008
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Unshackled Mind: An Afrocentric Approach to Self H on CD

Almas Jamil Sami' is a Motivational Speaker, Author and Founder of Sohaja Publishing & Lecturing Company, LLC. He has mentored dozens of African American youth over the past 25 years. This audio CD, (THE UNSHACKLED MIND: An Afrocentric Approach To Self Help) is an abridged version of the book by the same name. His approaches to dealing with racism are a mixture of Malcolm X's unapologetic self-determinisms and Dr. Martin Luther King's all-encompassing humanistic spiritualism. Brother Sami' represents a fresh new approach to understanding and healing the minds and hearts of young African Americans. He is also a contributing writer of the inspirational parenting book, 'IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD-Transcending Boundaries', joining Editor, Diane Sears and numerous authors including Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, Gary A. Johnson, Dr. Warren Farrell and Martin G. Ramey to name a few. His children's book, 'WHEN TREES COULD WALK' will also be released soon. Chief among his passions is working with schools, colleges/universities, churches, service organizations, juvenile detention and correctional facilities as well as sitting in on individual and small group 'rap sessions' with concerned youth and parents. Almas's Unshackled Mind Lecture Series® is designed to positively prompt African American audience members to seek inward solutions to our concerns about racial discrimination, bigotry, personal growth, parenting and mentoring. Other powerful Diversity lectures are Racism: Powerful Deliberation Beyond Blame, Antebellum: Understanding The African American, and Black History PowerPoint Presentation are designed to stimulate 'real dialog' that sheds light on race in America in an affirming manner that will leave audiences of all colors feeling more enlightened and better prepared to meet sensitive racial issues head on! He has been noted as "serious with a sense of humor, informative, sensational and motivational/inspirational." Almas is a former cadre member, consultant and mentor for the student teacher program at the University Of Northern Iowa. Almas is former host of the weekly television show, "Scribz" and former co-host of the weekly television show, "The Umoja Circle". Sami' is also a Contributing Editor of the Philadelphia based magazine, "In Search Of Fatherhood" a forum for and about fathers of the world. He is a contributing writer for "Our Legacy Magazine", and is a former columnist for "The Last Trump" newspaper. Mr. Sami' resides in Texas with his wife, Kai and their two daughters, one son, two grandchildren and one more on the way.