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  • Artist: Almazal
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101353076
  • Item #: SRD135307
  • Genre: International
  • Release Date: 6/19/2007
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $19.14

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Almazal on CD

Almazal is an exciting and joyfully unique new Ladino music ensemble. The name Almazal is a combination of two Judeo-Spanish words: 'alma,' the word for 'soul,' and 'mazal,' which means 'good fortune.' This name represents the soul that is ever-present in Ladino music and the extraordinary luck that brought our very special group together. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the members of Almazal have worked for several years to develop our distinctive sound, which combines traditional Ladino melodies and rhythms with touches of Latin jazz, klezmer, and blues. Out repertoire consists entirely of beautifully harmonized and arranged vocal duets backed up by rhythm guitar, tres, violin and percussion. Our joy and spirit draws audiences into the soul and passion of Ladino music. Almazal unites a diverse, highly professional and creative group of musicians: SAM LEVINE, Cantor at East Midwood Jewish Center, is also an acccomplished composer, arranger and guitarist. MARJORIE SANUA, a versatile and expressive vocalist and talented linguist, arranges and performs jazz, R&B, Latin and Jewish music. BENJAMIN LAPIDUS,world-reknowned Latin jazz musician, composer and leader of the group 'Sonido Isleno,' has recorded both Latin and jazz repertoire for television, stage, film and video game soundtracks. JEREMY BROWN, a highly-sought after violinist and composer on the New York Jewish music scene, performs and records with leading groups such as Frank London's Klezmer Allstars and Art Bailey's Orkestra Popilar, as well as his own group, Pitom. IRA EPSTEIN, a highly-skilled and experienced percussionist and vocalist, was part of the celebrated group Takyu, led by Matthew Lazar and David Burger. It is a pleasure to share our unique music with you!