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On What You Love
  • Artist: Amanda Carl
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 689076847629
  • Item #: SRD684762
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/11/2006
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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On What You Love on CD

Like writing, painting, sculpting or any artistic talent, harbingers for musical ability and promise can usually be traced back to a trigger or flashpoint in early childhood. Such is the case with music, performance and Amanda Carl. Indelible images of creative genesis are not often forgotten, and Carl recalls standing on tabletops, imagining them as soothing stages, where she felt innocently at ease to perform. Carl's musical aptitude may in part stem from the fact that her father, Tom, was perpetually playing songs on the guitar for her and her family when she was still a small child. As she grew older, her interest in music did not abate; it only grew stronger. Also during this period, Carl began writing poetry and simple melodies, with her father always cataloging them as if they were part of an ancient collection. After purchasing Lisa Loeb's Firecracker when she was nine years old, Carl was struck by the complex lyrics and harmonies, even at such a young age. Loeb's songs hit a deep chord in Carl, stoking the embers of some deep and hidden artistic fire that would blaze passionately one day. In the intervening years, Carl frequently sought solace in the guitar and keyboard, and began an early catharsis while starting to show the hints that true musical talent was ready to break out of simple songwriting. Carl's interest in performing and her connection as a singer-songwriter with deeply personal and evocative lyrics continued to bloom as she entered high school. Carl was quietly captivated by the work of artists like John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Alanis Morissete, enlightened to the extraordinary effect music could have on a person's life. Their music left her hungry for more work like theirs, sparking her toward the idea that she too wanted to use music to touch other's lives, just as she had been touched. Also during this period Carl began performing in the world of musical theater and in talent shows, giving her confidence in her abilities and assuring her the stage would always be a place where she would feel at home. Songwriting began to flow more naturally through Carl's veins, as the complex and raw emotions she was experiencing simply growing up transformed into quality material with palpable urgency. After recording her songs on a four-track recorder with her father in their basement, and bolstered by her vocal training under the tutelage of famous Broadway actresses and singers Julie Schmidt, Ann Van Cleave and Beth Leavel, Carl was encouraged to professionally record her material. After her co-manager Bob Press connected her with longtime musician and producer Phil Garland, Carl's songs took on an entirely new and incredibly layered dimension. After working ardently with Garland, Carl's songs became imbued with a textured, penetrating acoustic-rock feel, and became her first album, On What You Love. Backed-up by a six-part band whom Carl has been playing with since November, 2005, Carl played to a standing-room-only crowd at the club Vertigo in Nyack, New York on May 19th, 2006. The concert showcased On What You Love, and was undeniably a rousing hit. Carl plans to tour with her band in the near future, and continues to love what she is doing with her music. She only wishes to continue making music that reaches out to people and connects with them. Using her own experiences as fuel, Carl's Phoenix fire and passion for her artistic work mirrors the color of her guitar, and points toward a future that glows with unparalleled potential.