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  • Artist: Amber North
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479161841
  • Item #: 1408242X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/30/2005
  • This product is a special order
Price: $7.19
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Amber North was born in 1986 and has spent most of her life in a rural suburb of Seattle. Amber began playing the piano and singing at eight years old, and was writing songs by age 10. Amber has grown up around her father, also a singer song writer, and fell in love with music very early. She began to explore her talent and found herself following in her father's footsteps, escaping to the garage to write a new song, and playing at coffeehouses and school art shows. Amber recorded 'Ithaca' during her senior year of high school- just as a demo to send along with college applications. It was recorded with simple software in her kitchen. 'Ithaca' immediately received attention in her local area and elsewhere down the coast, and Amber found herself with a growing fan base and on various local radio stations in Seattle and California. Amber went on to college at Northwestern University in the Chicago area and will be a sophomore studying political science and international studies this year. She believes in education as a global citizen in order to provide the depth she feels necessary to truly good music. She is anxious to spread her music to the Midwest and elsewhere around the nation this year. Through relationships, the internet, and the digital world, Amber now has fans in more than 14 countries. Keeping true to her mission to create honest raw art, spread through relationships, she is excited to take her music to the next step. After studying in Prague for the summer 2005, her new songs 'Box' and 'Reanalyzing' (See website to download) have now gone to universities, radio stations, and internet communities in India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, and more. At only 19, Amber is now completing her second album (No More Boxes), which is planned to be released in December of 2005. As the year 2005-2006 proceeds, Amber hopes to make her fanbase a true community, built on the success of word of mouth and keeping her music honest and for those who wish to listen. Amber's goal is to restore the personal that is so often lost in music today. Through you joining her community she hopes to connect to you, share her thoughts, send you new songs as recorded in her dorm room or at coffeehouse shows, and make you a part of all that could happen this year. Amber will be playing across the country this year at various times and recording 'No More Boxes'. Check back on her site for concert dates, new music, new thoughts, and new excitement related to Amber North.

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