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  • Artist: American Folklore
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 700261249728
  • Item #: SRD124972
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 9/16/2008
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Beyond a fascination with hillbilly music and one-man-bands, one of Corey Crawford's earliest childhood memories is smashing a ukulele his parents had just brought back from a trip to Hawaii over a small black and white TV set while watching a KISS concert. Although he was only 3 years old at the time, there is little doubt this moment was the catalyst for what would become American Folklore. At the age of 18, Corey ended up in Waco, Texas to pursue a science degree. It was in this stagnant part of central Texas he learned Travis-style guitar picking and the art of buyin'-n-sellin' old musical instruments from the son of a traveling medicine show magician/ventriloquist and sharp shootress. Although most of his days were dedicated to el Nino, carbon sequestration, and global climate change, Corey could be found just about every night of the week picking a mandolin or guitar in somebody's kitchen. Five days before his oral exams, Corey and his beloved Breezer bicycle ended up under the tires of an SUV coming out of the local park. Having recently bought out the inventory of a local vintage guitar shop, Corey decided to recuperate from the accident by making an album. Shacked up in the converted horse stables and slave quarters of an estate in Waco, Texas, he recorded a series of songs about his childhood, and the people who had inspired him to make music. The result, Spoon River Country, an awkward, lo-fi oddity, was mostly distributed among friends, and featured Corey on guitar, mandolin, banjo, and pedal steel. Not satisfied with the results, Corey was determined to get behind the desk and learn how to record an album in a proper studio environment. In early 2003, he began a series of sessions with local engineer Tim Jenkins for what was supposed to be a down and dirty country record. The sessions ended up stretching out over four years through a series of extended hiatuses and two hurricanes. Wanting to make a different type of album, Corey started hiring session players to come in and play blind to a click, or maybe a drum track, and then would mash up the parts to create new melodies and songs. Most of the tunes went through several painful incarnations. Although nearly 30 tracks were recorded, only 10 made the upcoming debut. The result, a mess of anarchist themes painted with 8-bit beats and blips, cheerleaders, Motown grooves, pedal steel, and hillbilly harmonies creates a sonic rural ghetto landscape that begs comparison. Corey immigrated to Sweden in 2007 and is currently living in Gothenburg and will be trying his hand at producing in 2008 with the construction of a studio in the countryside, full of gear and gizmos acquired through years of rambling around Texas.