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American Nobody
  • Artist: American Nobody
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 628740808429
  • Item #: CDBY080842
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 10/17/2006
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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American Nobody on CD

In the realm of self-produced albums, you simply will not encounter anything that stands above the latest American Nobody release. Just ask the producers for the PBS TV series Road Trip Nation, who selected two songs from this album for the 2007 season! ('Love Overrated' and 'South to Memphis') Mostly recorded in an apartment bedroom in the small town of Jackson, Wyoming, the latest American Nobody release comes across as a much higher budget production. Atop tight, popping drum rhythms and a beautifully layered canvas of guitars, strings, bass, and piano, American Nobody delivers honest lyrical imagery with repeating choruses that stick to the brain. American Nobody, aka Brian Granse, wrote every song on this album and played nearly every instrument in the studio including guitar, drumkit, bass, piano, synths, and banjo. On top of that, he recorded alone with a computer and handled the technical side of the tracking process while acting as his own producer. Following an unexpected move from Wyoming (one of those 'Don't Look Back' break-ups) the American Nobody project and home studio embarked on a wild ride about the Midwest where the album was completed. Working in spare rooms of both family and friends in Illinois and Wisconsin, American Nobody pushed the project through it's final stages with an obsessive intensity. In Madison, Wisconsin, American Nobody transferred three songs from his computer into the system at Butch Vig's Smart Studios to take advantage of a grand piano. It is here that Nirvana recorded it's early sketches of Nevermind and other music in the 90s, a wonderful moment for American Nobody, whose earliest inspiration was none-other than Kurt Cobain. This one and a half hour session marked the only point at which a "professional studio" was accessed. Piano tracks for Avenues, The End, and South to Memphis are the result. The American Nobody album was mixed by engineer Frank Stearns at his MARS studio outside of Portland, Oregon. Frank and A.N.(Brian) met at a coffeehouse in Portland during one of A.N.'s performances in 2004. The two became friends and remained in contact over time, and when the self-titled project hit the table, A.N. hired Frank to handle the mixing. Frank's meticulous attention to detail and precise musical awareness deserve much credit on the project, helping to further Polish this self-produced masterpiece. This release will be enjoyed by listeners of all models and makes. With tracks of outright Indie Rock, straight-up Folk, and Alt Country dabblings, this album shatters the boundaries of single-genre albums!