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Strange & Beautiful
  • Artist: Amy Meyer
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 617543001427
  • Item #: SRD300142
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2/3/2004
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Strange & Beautiful on CD

Amy has been active in the San Francisco singer/songwriter scene since 1991 as a front for The Plain Folk Band, Girls! Girls! Girls!, Amy Meyers Trio, and The Amy Meyers Band. In that time, she has released 4 CDs and played numerous times in Bay Area clubs. In the mid-90's, after releasing Ashbury Hill, Amy left the popular Bay Area Folk/Country/Rock band The Plain Folk Band to pursue a new road of musical expression. In 1997, she released The Wheel, which was warmly received by critics. In May of 1998, she was a featured artist on KFOG and a finalist of the Lilith Fair Talent Search. In 1999, she collaborated with Bay Area Producer, Scott Mathews to release the EP, Open Road, which clearly illustrated both musical growth and a willingness to experiment. And, in October of 2000, she released her 4th CD, Crossing which is again, another strong recording. Strange & Beautiful is her 5th release (4th solo), released in February of 2004. Critics are raving about this CD as the album that brings it all together. The songs are mature and unique - each one a hit. There are spectacular performances from each of the artists. Amy Meyers' vocals are the soul of the CD. She sings from a deep place with a voice that is sometimes raw and other times smooth and beautifully flowing. Vocally, she has really come into her own with this album. The acoustic rhythm tracks are solid and tight. A highlight is her piano playing that keeps getting better and better. On drums, Russ Gold really makes a song like 'You Say' groove while he is equally accomplished at laying down the jazz in 'So Serious.' Paul Olguin is exceptional on bass with many star moments, particularly in his Jaco-esque playing on 'How Long?' He has that rare ability to hold down the bottom with force in one song and then caress the listener in the next. Eamonn Flynn's wurlitzer solo on 'Good' and organ riffs on 'You Say' will make you want to listen time and time again. Denny Geyer's guitar swells pull you under and create the needed yearning atmosphere in 'In This World' and 'Next Stop.' Pam Delgado's backing vocals are hauntingly moving and tear at your soul. They work so well with Amy's lead vocals, the songs require return visits. And Pam's percussion is creative, spontaneous, and deeply rooted. She is 'the real deal.' True Margrit adds some terrifically fun and quirky keyboard riffs to songs like 'Over It' and 'Girls Like You' that compliment them just right. To round off the album in a big way, Steve Kahn's orchestration on 'The Market' and 'Spring' are epic!!!! Meyers' music encompasses the styles of folk, jazz, musical theatre, and rock with a distinct pop sensibility. Her songs are emotionally honest slices of daily life that don't attempt to mythologize or mask the good and bad things we do to each other. Her playing grooves, her lyrics are unassumingly poignant and come from a voice that is deep, rich, dynamic, and pure. Her performance style is influenced by both the wildness of the Rock world and the refinement of the Musical Theatre world. She has the power on stage to state her point, deliver her message, and really talk to you while maintaining an impressive poise and command of her performance space. As a graduate from the theatre department at Northwestern University, it is no surprise that in addition to the club scene, Amy has appeared in several stage productions singing, acting, and usually playing an instrument or two. REVIEWS: Publication: Collected Sounds Reviewer: Amy Meyers has an Alto voice that slips into falsetto occasionally giving it a unique lilting quality. She is accompanied by several instruments but mostly piano and acoustic guitar. I especially like "Good" - it's funky and fun. "Girls Like You" also has alot of personality...For the second half of the CD, she makes use of piano as well on a couple of songs and it sounds great. "Downside" is especially pretty...I think "How Long?" is my favorite track here. It's one that stuck with me upon first listen and when I heard it again, it felt like an old friend...The CD starts out sounding like straight up folk, but then a pop song "pops" up. Later comes an adult contemporary piano ballad, then when you get to track ten, it almost sounds like jazz, while the next track, "Spring," borders on classical complete with strings (and is beautiful)...Because there are so many styles in one, maybe only open minded music fans will love every single song, but there is something here for everyone. This is a really nice CD. Reviewer: Julie Nakahara (A&R) Well crafted songs. Strong vocals. Solid instrumentation and well written lyrics. All songs are quite memorable and hooky. Overall, a really nice, tight, strong CD! Really enjoyed listening to it. Reviewer: Joel Jaffe (Producer) Love your voice, listened to your record twice. I think you made a good record. Sounds good and I think the first song is real good. I like your vibe and think you have real talent. HERE'S WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT STRANGE AND BEAUTIFUL: All I can say is, wow. Ok, I take that back, that's not all I can say. What I mean to say is, wow! I am so impressed. I couldn't wait to hear what was next but I didn't want the one playing to end. I always knew you were talented and have always loved to listen to your stuff. I am one of your biggest fans. But this CD was AWESOME. It reminded me a lot of when you played piano for us in the basement of Allison Hall at Northwestern University. I also have to say that my girls loved the CD as well. I played a sampling of some of the songs for them and they were dancing and thought it was great (doesn't say much for the 2 year old, she'll dance at a commercial, but the 8 year old is really picky about what she listens to!). For what it's worth, I really loved the CD, I loved the mix of styles, I loved the musical interludes and the instrumentals. You are an incredible musician and I think this may be the break you were waiting for. Good job and good luck! It's some of your best work yet. As a whole, the music and lyrics are smart and interesting. Kudos to Rob for the engineering (especially the Kahn strings!). Upon the initial listening, I found the first 4 very good, then the middle three ('Next Stop,' 'Girls Like You,' and 'The Market') right up there with 'the wheel'. In my opinion these are the most 'magical blow you away kinda stuff', then the final 4 wrap things up nicely....again Spring and the kahn The middle three are my focus: 'Next Stop:: rockin' re-make with some touches of the 'old' version here and there peeking thru. Still a great song in any form... I liked it a lot. 'Girls Like You': should be the 'catchy hit on the radio' song. Even if I do say so myself...! I like that there are no drums, just percussion.... 'The Market': Again... this is, I think, the absolute masterpiece of the LP. Like your song 'the wheel', this one really-really amazed me for it's content, it's structure, the performances of the musicians, the production, engineering, mixing...everything. A gem. All the makings of a 'title track'