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  • Artist: Amy Rogell
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 696116000227
  • Item #: 828157X
  • Genre: Children's
  • Release Date: 12/18/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $14.68
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Hi! My name is Amy Rogell. The best way for me to tell you about me and my music is to list the Top 5 responses I hear most often from parents and children about my songs, ( with translations provided). So, here are my "Top 5". From Parents 1. "My kids love your music." Translation: My kids are happy when they listen to your music. 2. "You have a great voice!" Translation: You have a great voice. 3. "Your songs are fun, clever, and imaginative." Translation: You have a good sense of humor and you get a positive message across to the children. 4. "The baby starts bouncing in his car seat." Translation: Your songs encourage movement. 5. "Even I know all the words to your songs." Translation: We listen to your music all the time. Sometimes I suggest we listen to something else for a change, but... (See translation #1) From Children 1. "I love your music." Translation: I am happy when I listen to your music. 2. "You're funny!" Translation: I like the songs that make me laugh. 3. "Jump!" Translation: I like the songs that let me move. 4. "I know all the words to your songs!" Translation: We listen to your music all the time, my mom or dad starts to put something else on, but... (See translation #1) 5. "Again!" Translation: Play it again. About Amy I started singing at the age of two, waking up my mother (so I am told) in the middle of the night. My first stage was my crib. I went on to study and perform in musical theater, opera, and rock 'n' roll until the birth of my first son. From that point, it was all children's music for me. I have experience on stage and in film. I compose and sing all the songs on my three CD's. Please listen to: Miles of Smiles: "I Like To", "Step Outside the Box", "Toot the Horn" and "Bye Birdie, Bye-Bye" Balloons: "My Father's Boat" and "Now Freeze" Come To The Playground: "Melanie Rose" and "Butterfly" I hold a Master's degree in Education and am a music educator for preschools. Humor is a positive way to get a message across to children. Everyone loves to laugh. Please listen to: Miles of Smiles: "Goo Goo and Gaa Gaa go to Hawaii", "Birthday Mishap", "It's all ABC's to Me" and "Ask Nicely" Balloons: "Can't Stop", "Goo Goo and Gaa Gaa" Come to the Playground: "I Went to the Zoo", "Nobody's Perfect" and "Bubble Gum" Children love to move! I am a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I also direct movement classes for preschoolers. With the increasing health concerns related to children becoming too sedentary, songs that encourage movement are more important than ever. Please listen to: Miles of Smiles: "7 Days a Week", "Holiday Jump", "It's all ABC's to Me", and "Toot the Horn" Balloons: "Can't Stop" and "Now Freeze" Come to the Playground: "Jump" and "The La La Song"

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