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Pillars of Creation
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Pillars of Creation on CD

Weaving the mystical with the therapeutic, this lushly illustrated gathering of spiritual sound wisdom from throughout the ages, explores the use of sound as a vibrative tool for self-healing, sacred creation, and higher consciousness. An alchemy of sound that blends ancient wisdom teachings with hands-on exercises for inner attunement to expand and open new pathways within. As the soul navigates it's journey through the Higher Realms, it follows a series of elemental sounds acting as a guideposts to designate a specific spiritual region. Many of these sounds are mirrored here on earth through the purity of nature. We are drawn to the beauty of tribal cultures that use mystical sounds, song, dance and spoken word. If you are to examine the basic beliefs of the different spiritual paths on Earth, you will find a commonality in the belief that the world and in fact, the universe was created by sound. From the OLD TESTAMENT, it read 'And the Lord said 'Let there be light'.' In 'St. John', from the NEW TESTAMENT come the words 'In the beginning was the WORD...'In the VEDAS of the Hindu tradition, it reads, 'In the beginning was Brahman with whom was the word and the word was Brahman.' The Hopi Tradition tells of the Spider Woman singing the Song of Creation over all the inanimate forms on the planet and bringing them to life. In POUL VUH from the Mayan tradition, the first real men and women are created solely through the power of sound. In ancient Egypt comes the story of the Thoth, who spoke the names of objects and brought them into being. In Polynesia, the Gods blew a conch shell and created life. In the East, Divine beings struck a giant gong. On and on, different cultures and traditions throughout the world seem to posses within their religions, spiritual paths, and mythologies, an understanding of some extraordinary primordial sound that opened up gateways of manifestation and brought forth existence onto the earth plane. Subsequent to my own experience of healing with sound, I began to examine sacred sounds from the many varied traditions on this planet and compare them. I have done this, not to find their differences, but to find their commonality. It is my belief that sacred sounds stem from one source-the Divine-and that the truly resonant waveforms of the sacred could sound together in harmony, despite any differences in their spiritual traditions. I am aspiring to bridge the worlds of sacred sound, healing tones, meditation, hip-hop, world rhythms, and natural sound environments. I trust that you will enjoy this album and that it will assist in your health, chakra resonance, balance and personal transformation.