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Bear Hill Phenomenon
  • Artist: Ancient Pistol
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 859700487297
  • Item #: 1432263X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/22/2008
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $6.55

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Bear Hill Phenomenon on CD

Ancient Pistol is a recording entity that uses modern technology in conjunction with antique musical instruments, to make music for the future in the present. The Bear Hill Phenomenon was born of an accident. I was testing out a new but extremely cheap digital camera when the CD cover picture was taken. A year later, while examining photos, I found I had taken my very own accidental UFO picture on the road near Bear Hill in Waltham, MA. The rest, as they say, is history. Given my interest in the extremes that folks will go to to fabricate UFO photos to bring attention to themselves, this picture compelled me to create an Atom Age Soundscape. Recorded at Hidden Fortress Studios, Brighton, MA Ancient Pistol is Mike Feeney: Guitars/Effects/Loops/Dissonance ©2007 Michael Feeney Photo by Mike Feeney on the road in Waltham MA. Some descriptions: 'If the listener let's imagination take hold, a post-nuclear desolate, surreal world comes to life (or lack thereof) through a cacophony of sound. It would also play well in a spooky, sci-fi, Twilight Zone kind of genre. Ancient Pistol's 'progressive, alternative, experimental' riffs jar the brain and activates the emotions.' Phosphorescence Magazine (Vol. 4, 2007) 'I get the distinct impression that this is what two jumbo jet computers might have to say to each other as they traverse the boundless ionosphere.' The Noise (May, 2008) 'It sounds like Vincent Price making coffee.' - coworker You be the judge.