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Across the Water
  • Artist: Andre Nobels
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 700261205373
  • Item #: SRD120537
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 12/19/2006
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Across the Water on CD

André, Chief Medicine Eagle and his wife Missy Nobels are cultural creatives. They use inspired music and movement, to awaken individuals and communities to the emerging paradigm. André describes the shift as a fundamental understanding of the Quantum Nature of our Universe that is opening our hearts and minds to previously unseen potentials for the fully realized human being. He says, "The emerging paradigm is a fundamental recognition of the interconnection of all things, a oneness. A deep awareness of this Oneness encourages each individual to choose their highest potential and in so doing they are choosing this reality for the entire human family and beyond." André's quest for meaning and understanding of the world started at a young age as he began expressing his evolving awareness through art, poetry and music while still in high school. While pursuing a degree in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario, André met his wife Missy who was studying Kinesiology. Since graduating, the pair has travelled extensively, developing their gifts, performing, offering workshops and connecting with ancient wisdom and emerging thought leaders in Europe, Asia and the U.S. André, who has three CDs and a book of poetry, MEdicine, to his credit, sings the "heart of the room" awakening new possibilities and higher potentials in his audiences. Missy grounds this experience in movement. A certified Nia instructor with 12 years of experience in Ecstatic Dance, Missy invites participants to anchor the experience of subtle energies in the body. Missy and André are currently booking for Fall 2009 in the American Southwest and for Spring 2010 in Ontario and the Eastern United States. They are available for conference weaving, workshops, performances and house concerts. Consider adding energy and coherence to your event with this dynamic and talented couple. REVIEW Andre Nobels Across The Water Released: November 2006 By: Shannon Ambrose I was first introduced to Andre's own brand of "emergent folk" in 2005 when I received his 6 song EP, "Soul Fever". With "Soul Fever", Andre took us on a journey back to a time when poets put their words to music, and filled coffee houses and book stores with tales of life's trials and tribulations. "Across The Water" - Andre's first full length release - is 13 tracks displaying a wide range of emotions and sounds. Opening with "On My Way", instantly you discover Andre's growth and willingness to experiment with sounds and melodies. Comprised of percussion with a very prominent Djembe drum and keys, this upbeat number starts things off nicely. Though limited in lyrics, "On My Way" is very strong on melody and you are instantly intrigued. Andre's distinctive voice matches perfectly to achieve the melancholy feel of, "Hollow Man" and the title track, "Across The Water." Haunting acoustic guitar and simple percussion is the perfect showcase for Andre's unique vocals. Progression into mixes of sound, styles and beats continues through the cool jazzy tracks "Get Up" and "Next Mission". With the use of electric guitar mixed with acoustic rhythms and as in "Next Mission", the use of spoken word, we see an artist who strives to demonstrate development and a desire to experiment with concepts and interpretation. The beautiful love song, "For All Of You", is a delight to the senses and has quickly become a favorite for me. Filled with smooth unassuming percussion and barely there acoustic guitar, the arrangement lightly carries the track while Andre coos through the chorus. On a personal note, it is a joy to hear Andre's distinctive vocals carry his exquisite lyrics in a full length CD. As a piece of work, Andre can be very proud of his first full length release. "Across The Water" is a delightful mix of sweet melodies and exploration with sound and growth.

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